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Success. x86 running under FreeBSD 11.1-Release. JACK for audio, no MIDI. Possible with FreeBSD's Linux ABI support.

Renoise x86_64 should be possible; I'll need to compile a copy of JACK1 in a CentOS 7 64-bit environment and try it.

I'd done this previously in a jail, but it runs much better without having to remote X.

Achilles Last Stand

I once said I tell stories when I'm drunk.

I've seen Jimmy Page and Robert Plant live. In 1995, I think. Jones might have been with them; I'm not sure. They were on tour for the album "No Quarter", and I saw them at the Memorial Coliseum in Porrtland Oregon.

Changed my life.

I've been to a lot of concerts. Seen a lot of '70s and '80s rock, and a lot of '00s electronic acts. Nothing has topped the charisma of Page & Plant.

Consummate perfomers.

Here's two screenshots of a remake of Aerowalk I was working on a few years ago. More cpm22 than Aerowalk. Was still fiddling with geometry when I drifted away from my Quake dev environment.

I'd like to get a version of gtkradiant working again. Might be difficult on FreeBSD.

Ninja III: The Domination. VHS, bought for $1 at my local Goodwill. An ex-Hollywood Video tape.

Recorded/digitized with ffmpeg, an old BT848 card, and FreeBSD. 40G raw (QP 0) x264, compressed down to a CRF 21 1.7G x264 mkv.

A pretty good looking tape. Much better than some others I've done recently.

Recorded Trisomie 21's album "Plays The Pictures" today.

Here's the final track from the album, "Take The Shock Away", on youtube:

Finally got around to rendering Skaven's "Beyond The Network" out to .flac today. "Beyond The Network" is probably better known as the soundtrack to Bejeweled 2.

It's an awesome piece of music. Skaven has it up on his bandcamp if anybody out there in TV-land wants to listen:

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