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State Logik & Jacob / All You Need, Scenes

Released in 2000 on Narcotix Inc as NARC21. Vinyl, 12". Side A is some sweet electro, side B is crunchy weird downtempo / IDM. This one has been a secret weapon of mine for a long time.

Lucy: "Monday I ate half a bagel, hot tea, and a can of coke. Tuesday I ate two diet cokes and a piece of pizza. Today I had a bag of M&M's. But I didn't eat the yellow ones."

Van Helsing: "Face it, Jim. She's a zombie."

Peter Fonda is great (and funny) as Van Helsing.

Renfield: "Do you mind if I sit in that chair? That's the chair I always sit in."

Cassandra: "Yes I do mind. I'm having a nervous breakdown."

Renfield: "I don't think you've been taking your medicine".

Cassandra: "I don't take medicine. I'm the nurse." ...

Renfield: "Well, maybe you should start taking it, because you don't look very well. And you're still sitting in my chair."

"We have come for the body of Count Voivoida Armenios Ceauşescu Dracula. I believe there is a wooden stake in the heart. You will take us to him."

My friends DJ Cache and DJ Megaphysics are throwing a party over at Azoth in NE tonight. Acid, EBM, and New Beat, like the flyer says. I'll be there most of the night (if I can find the place).

Serious Moonlight @ Azoth 2019/10/25; music starts at 10:00 PM.

Got it.

3.2 (Linux x64 build) running in FreeBSD thru the linux compat layer with jack (0.124.1) audio.

Thanks to RNS 3.2's scalable fonts (and interface), I can finally use the program without squinting or leaning forward.

Looks like I should up the font size some more.

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@ella_kane I've got my VHS tape paused and ready. Dubbed, 4:3, the Streamline Pictures Akira release from the '90s.

I just watched Ernst Lubitsch's movie "Trouble In Paradise". Episode 398 of The Projection Booth podcast inspired me to track it down.

A fun comedy of manners. "Charming", I think would be the right word. I'm glad I saw it, and that I heard a panel of experts talk about it.

Rewatching the Orson Welles movie "F For Fake" tonight.

This thing is beautiful. And twisty, and wonderful.

Phantasm is my favorite horror movie.

The pacing is perfect. And the editing. And the performances. And the story - the two brothers, their relationship.

It still scares me. I love almost everything about it.

Re-watched Johnny Guitar tonight. Love this movie, particularly the dialog. And the way the story hangs together. It just flies by, not a wasted moment.

Here's a screenshot of the raw tracklist file I was working from tonight. (Edited to reflect what was played during the show).

I'll have a proper list written up for and tomorrow.

I went to a show at the Starday Tavern tonight. "Serious Moonlight", a night run by my friend DJ Cache. I caught up with an old friend, and played the wallflower. Was a fun show.

They're doing it again near the end of next month. Will do my best to attend that one as well.

I reworked my shelves recently, so here's a photo.

Some day I'll learn how to take a clear photo. Probably the day I pick up a tripod.


Blurry. I need a haircut. I also could use more practice taking photos, lighting photos, etc.

Ugh. I've got that blank expression.

The old Playstation game "N2O: Nitrous Oxide" has been on my mind the past few days.

Probably explains my track selection tonight.

I wish I still had my copy... I think I still have the jewel case w/artwork.

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