Finally got around to posting the tracklist for last week's Movement Through Thought:

and at :

Fast techno, 130-140 BPM. A show comprised entirely of selections from the Ghost In The Shell PSX soundtrack and the two 2004 GITS Tribute CDs.

@cev Many thanks, I've been waiting for this! Now to find out what my favourite track is...


@solderpunk You're welcome, and sorry it took so long! I put it off for like five days, and finally took the photos and typed up a few paragraphs yesterday. Slept on it, edited, then published today.

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@cev Well, there's a surprise: my favourite track is Moonriver, by WestBam, and it's on the original Megatech Body CD! Which I *thought* I knew well, but it turns out the rip I got from a highschool buddy years and years ago contains only the first disc, so I've missed out on over a decade of enjoying this track!

@solderpunk That second disc is really good! It's got Fuchi Koma, the Section 9 Theme, Dave Angel's So High, a rare mix of Derrick May's To Be Or Not To Be...

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