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It's obviously a play on the fact that so many cars are built almost identical these days, it's next to impossible to tell who made what without those badges. No one ever confused a 1956 studebaker with a 1956 cadillac. but these days, everything looks almost identical from everything else.

Ricardo Montalban struggled to find acting roles after Star Trek II.

No one wanted to hire an ex-Khan. 🤣

Is it me, or did the artist draw Dr. Kamal Ranadive's arms freakishly long? Maybe it's a perspective thing, but she looks like she could change the light bulb on vaulted ceiling fixtures, if you "get my drift"...??

This is why commas are so very important. "People are eating, children in this area". 🤣

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To fork or not to fork? That is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to open
PRs to the original repo, then suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous reviews
Or face the silence of the autheur who doesn't
Care, and sailed off towards new projects.

Sometimes I forget to be thankful for all that comes with Linux these days as well. GIMP is unbeatable, especially for the price, (free), and the multitude of platforms it's available on.

I recently learnt the Welsh word for 'push' is 'lluq'.

I saw it written on a Glass Door. 🤣

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This is my 3 yrs old son first (involuntary) post in any social media. Youngest user at mastodon and @Stuxhost

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!! NX N
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A chef from Beijing and a chef from Cairo met in NYC and decided to go into business together.

They opened a restaurant called "Wok like an Egyptian". 🤣

Why isn't cleveland the indians anymore? This cancel culture stuff has to stop. Make it the Cleveland Pollocks. I'd be proud to wear a Pollocks jersey, and I'm Polish!

I wanted to marry an English teacher when she got out of jail...

But you can't end a sentence with a proposition. 🤣

I bought a new book. It's called "Fifty yards to the outhouse, by Willie Makeit. Illustrations by Betty Woant." 🤣

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