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I stumbled upon this old graphic this morning going through old files. This was a Linux distro me and a friend of mine were going to make. Unfortunately it never went anywhere... but i still have this cute graphics idea.

Happy train in your terminal day! :D

(Yes, I made this day up, but I wanted to be silly.)

An interesting discussion with a fellow geek got me thinking about the differences between arch and ubuntu, so I wrote this article.

Denny's Home World: Ubuntu versus Arch

A friend sent me this with the caption that reads "Salem, Oregon this morning. This is not a filter." Wow is all I can say... I fear for the people living through this in oregon and california... 😮

I don't know whether to chuckle at the goofy-nes of this all, scratch my head over the confusion I feel for this, or swoon because that piglet is so darn cute... 🤣 ❤️

Evidently the act of comprehending the text voids the warranty.

Must be a lot of coders in this community. In my home town, most people would look at this like it was an alien language.

This is spot on. "We made this commercial to tug at your heart strings, but what we really want is for it to tug at your pocketbook."

Ahh Bill, you tried to murder my favorite operating system, but I can't hold a grudge, I love this. 🤣

Yes, Virginia, there is a "people of walmart" song... I yiy yiy... 🤣

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Lol @publius - banananananana ... enjoying your twitch stream - for the uninitiated - using a browser without my login details for technical issues (Safari doesn't like Twitch video for some reason) - so no chat, but listening :)

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