I had to share this... yes, it's a The Geocities-izer.. it makes websites like geocities pages... It's wonderfully horrible! wonder-tonic.com/geocitiesizer

@hal9000 That dress looks more like a cape, making her look less like a horse trainer and more like one of the avengers, circa 1890's. :D

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- can you explain this 2 years gap in your resume?
- i was setting a custom font with LateX on the said resume

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Trump calls Mitch McConnell a loser on NPR.

That may well be, but…kettle…black.

Request for paper, :boost_ok: 

@spacekookie This isn't the greatest solution, but I went to the website, and screenshot it for you.

The level of stupid these days politically... I yiy yiy. Guess what, the republican party is horrible, and the democratic party is also horrible. Neither of them is the answer. So if your a liberal or right wing nut job... please keep your nutty-ness to yourself. (This has been a test of the emergency rant system, if this were an actual emergency rant, you would have heard my scream.)

@apadilla86@mastodon.social They are no worse than right wing nut jobs. Human is human,

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"Not the kind of address he was looking for"

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Do you know sign language?
You should learn it, it’s pretty handy. 🤣

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Coming up at 0200 UTC is Vintage COMP! w/ jasmaz exclusively on:


Today's feature is the Texas Instruments 99/4a home computer as well as updates concerning the Chicago TI-99/4a Users Group.

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@tbn97 I'm no longer working for them, I have enough customers. I never thought of it as "firing them", being I was the one working for them

I love my job, and my customers are good for the most part... but when you have a customer that is either ignorant, stupid, or just intentionally stubborn, and what you said would happen to them, happens to them... AND THEY BLAME YOU FOR IT ANYWAYS... Arghhhh.... I want to scream... 😠 🙄 🤣 Sorry.. I just needed to vent...

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