@SDF Well in an evil, macabre and sick way he was right.

A local duck was interrogated by police for hours.
A spokesperson for the police said "Eventually he quacked under pressure". 😆

I think this is beautifully done, even if it is a Manhattan sewer.. That is some beautiful brickwork and arches.

While writing a cute little jab at how 80's big hair looks like they have all been electrocuted, (my exact words being "Why was the 80's hairstyle "I just made toast in the bathtub", "I hugged my Jacob's Ladder" or "I kissed my Van de Graaff generator after I removed the safety guard" look??") facebook suggests a gif of the marty seen where he gets electrocuted by the kid... it's kind of messed up and macabre, and I laughed entirely too much at it. 😂 youtu.be/DTPq0mNS0-0

I had this blast from the past show up in my twitter feed thanks to archillect... this brings back a lot of memories. That gui is very reminiscent of window maker.. maybe an early version?

@salixlucida I wish they would have made it without the annoying audio, but this is cool.

You don't get a true grasp of the fact that we are the ones turning unless you see it in time lapse like this. Keep note of the fact that the sky is not moving, we are.. This is cool! youtu.be/re3oEKX6Fks

I know it's terribly corny, but I laughed my fool head off over this joke this morning. 😂

If liars' pants really 𝘥𝘪𝘥 catch on fire, watching the news would be a lot more fun. 😆

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I love those comments that are "don't listen to scientists and doctors, listen to me, even though my opinion is useless because I have no experience or knowledge on medicine at all"... I yiy yiy.. 🙄

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