I had this blast from the past show up in my twitter feed thanks to archillect... this brings back a lot of memories. That gui is very reminiscent of window maker.. maybe an early version?

I know it's terribly corny, but I laughed my fool head off over this joke this morning. πŸ˜‚

I thought this was funny.. You can tell Wisconsin is the dairy land... we even use cows as measurement references... πŸ˜†

My friend Micah thinks he is being funny sending me this... ok, he is. πŸ˜‚

Ok, this blows the mind.. this is just a repeating small video... but it sounds like a continuously higher pitch is being played, but it can't be because this video is only a 10 second long video that just repeats... it's amazing how easy it is to trick the human brain...

"Episode 11, adventures in buying stuff online"... I bought a new computer monitor because mine is dying. It shipped from Utica, Michigan, made it all the way to Wisconsin Dells, then it went straight west until it hit Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. On the net, the guy says to me "it looks like it's on course here, sir".... I yiy yiy! So I had to make him a map and send it to him to get him to see the error of his ways... Now I am wondering if there is a Merrill, Minnesota... 🀣

@MishkaLost has me curious now as to what kind of barbecue sauce (i think?) has Frankenstein's monster in shades holding a flower on it...??

I remember when my tech buddies first introduced me to ddg. They were mostly using it to search for pirated torrent materials (if you get my drift), but I loved the premise. ❀️ duckduckgo.com/

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