@capngloval Great cartoon! Actually, Edward #Snowden described in his autobiography a similar situation:

"A young woman calls her gynecologist, then her mother, then a man with whom she has spoken more frequently after 11 p.m. in recent months; next, a family counselor who also performs abortions. From this, a coherent story can be derived that would not emerge so clearly from the interception of a single telephone call."

image transcription 


Guy in suit on a lectern: "Storing metadata is not an invasion of privacy! It's a tool that keeps America safe! No one is *listening* to your calls!"

NSA guy: "Congressman, I see here last friday you talked to your wife, then immediately called an escort service, then a hotel."

NSA guy: "Of course, we don't know the *content* of those calls…"

[Guy in suit looking unimpressed…]

[Guy in suit's cellphone ringing]
NSA guy: "Ooo, that's your wife now."

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