I had this blast from the past show up in my twitter feed thanks to archillect... this brings back a lot of memories. That gui is very reminiscent of window maker.. maybe an early version?


That looks like a NextSTEP., which I think is what WindowMaker is supposed to be like, design-wise.

The PC in the picture could actually be the same model that Berners Lee used to work on the Web at one point, which is kind of neat.

I just realized how old this post is. I was scrolling through your memes and forgot I wasn't on my home timeline! I like your sense of humour, anyway.

@MutoShack I'm glad you like my corny sense of humor. 🤣 As for next step, I never knew that was the GUI's name, I always thought that was the machine's name only...??


Looked it up to be sure, and yeah it looks like NeXTSTEP is the operating system for the NeXT line of computers (I don't know if the GUI has a name, but it might just be "Workspace Manager")

The box in the pic is called the NeXTcube, which was in fact the Berners-Lee machine, but it also did a lot of work on Doom 1, so that's a pretty cool history!

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