A theory:

Americans instinctively trust capitalism the way British instinctively trust the aristocracy.

"It might not be a perfect system, in fact it's terrible, it makes absolutely no sense, it's a weird legacy of the past, it makes everything worse, but it's OUR system, darnit, and no smelly foreigner is taking it away from us"

"And when you see a [dodgy real estate guy in a flash car] [toff hunting foxes on a horse], well, by gosh, it just makes you feel *proud* for your country."


@natecull Unfortunately true. I am part of no political party, but some of my ideas border on socialism, and I get looked upon like I am a traitor to my country for not being pro capitalist. Which is a problem, because the blatant pure capitalism here in the U.S. is a cancer without a treatment. 😑

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