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TV anarchists: I will smash your flags and start revolutions with no popular support backed by a Junta!!!

Real Anarchists: We are illegally opening a pizza place to feed the community and the homeless since the system is too cruel by design to do so!

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In 2021 im rebooting Tea Jay's Garden with a keen focus on providing evidence based information, free culture, and delving into organizing and mutual aid. It starts with:

If you live in a crap place with rules against front yard you can probably sneak in a nice spineless variety. Heavy producers with amazing flowers, ornamental foliage, and a strong vertical presence.

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Anybody know how to reset a password on the @SDF server? I dont see an option on my client or maint.

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I killed @capheind@birdsite. I had less than 200 followers on there so i was a non-entity there anyway. Such a rush :)

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Good morning! It is a nice day in the field.
While there were massive rainstorms and flooding in the rest of the country, we had no rain at all. So now we're hoeing on one side of the field and irrigating on the other
#organic #veggies #spring

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My #2D20 #StarTrek game fell apart. Anybody looking for players? Anybody looking to play something?

I actually have some #mindjammer ideas in mind...

@ttrpg #rpg

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Finished updating the quickstart and am now proofreading the thing.

And I still really like the first line I wrote some time in 2017:

"#poobrains is a webframework based on Flask, peewee and visions of the apocalypse."

I see past me was already good with slogans. :thounking:

My gardens Snail Hotel. Its one massive clonal colony of Aloe maculata. I should break it up and clear out the mollusk menace, but its all from a cutting my grandmother gave me. Its hard to risk it.

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FLOPPINUX - 🐧Linux on a Single 💾Floppy

Short story why I decided to make my own one floppy distribution.

An extensive yet simple tutorial/workshop on how to make embedded Linux distribution under 1.44MB.

Read at (1481 words)

I wanna start a pizzaria that only serves breakfast.

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I finally was able to contact my dentist. They use a weird system where there is only one way to contact them; A phone line that ring 4 time, available 10h-12h, and if no one answer it just hang up automatically. No mail or other way to contact them. And no one ever answer.

So I set up an Asterisk-FreePBX server with my number at voip ms and made the system ring them none stop and connect me via my cellphone upon success

Took them ~1.5 hours to respond... The women was pissed ^^' (372 calls)

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<opening Pkg labeled in Cyrillic > "Nadia still lives in Canada doesn't she?"

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Anybody else ever get packages without labeling and spend the time opening them trying to remember if you know anyone in that country who hates you?

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I just got asked to speak at Intel. For pay.

This is a "social" event, where they invite speakers of general interest to a tech audience to talk for an hour.

Anyone done anything like this before? How much did you charge?

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Polygon has an article on sites where you can buy TTRPGs, including some highlighted games you can buy in every site. One of the highlighted games is Journey Away by @jskellogg ! 🎉

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