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Funny how findings of natural sciences are taken to be science but findings of social sciences are taken to be opinions that you can debate without knowing anything about the literature and the consensuses.

No you don't know more about Language than linguists because you speak a language or two, just like you don't know more about kidneys than a doctor because you have a couple. In fact if you did know a thing or two maybe you'd be less of a bigoted ignoramus.

Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

"Tesla Found Guilty of Unionbusting

The NLRB says Elon Musk threatened workers and fired one for union organizing"

(Mar 26)

what do you call an eerie sprite that appears randomly on secure networks? 


C'è stato un tempo in cui i computer si collegavano al televisore, e sul modem dovevi appoggiarci la cornetta del telefono. Internet non esisteva ancora, ma i movimenti antagonisti cominciarono ad approcciarsi alle nuove tecnologie e nacquero le prime reti telematiche, come Ecn.

ZombiJ, veterano dell'hacktivismo italiano, in questa puntata speciale di @clio, ci accompagna a spasso per gli anni Ottanta, raccontando una storia che molti non conoscono. Buon ascolto!

> MobileCoin creates fast, trusted cryptocurrency transfers with Azure confidential computing

This is getting better and better.


The public Signal server code was finally updated... and it seems they were hiding it to hide the unpopular cryptocurrency thing they just announced? Wtf?

> Based on the three major cryptocurrency wallets, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, top 1% shares the property value of the rest 99%, resulting in a drastic figure of Gini coefficient of 0.99. If we consider those who do not own a cryptocurrency wallet, it would result as radical figure of over 0.999999 Gini coefficient.

Quote from article linked in that last boost

@rysiek @Decentralize_today I just fell over it today.. It seems fairly well sourced although a bit dated.

But it very well articulates my 2nd biggest issue with crypto. Environmental impact aside it's just not sustainable to have these pyramid structures.

People just buy crypto to hold onto it because they hope someone will pay more for it later. That's no basis for a currency and early adopters will always get massively wealthy because the inherent value sacrificed is basically nil.

"Proponents of NFTs point out that each token is unique and can't be replicated, which creates a scarcity value that is good"

People have internalized capitalism that they're so incapable of fathoming something other than it, that when they run into something that capitalism can't be applied to like a digital good that is easy to give to everyone, they have to create a way that's makes it limited again and call it good.

@rysiek @h3artbl33d when we were doing Ubuntu Phone, Signal was actively hostile to us making a client.

...reason we ended up with good Telegram support.

I have seen an uptick in random follows, so it's time for...

Dr. Skrzyk's Friendly Advice on Following Someone on the Fedi™

Step 1: Read their profile and pinned toots.
Step 2: Check for follows set to approval
Step 3: Check if they mention follow criteria. Quite a few people do this - something like "please interact first" or similar.

If you've done all three and pass their criteria then send the follow request. If you can't do this for me you will at best not get your request approved.

Why did Jeff Bezos get a divorce? 

Because he heard that a marriage is a type of union.

@rysiek I fully agree here. It would be so much better to fix outstanding issues - some have been open for years.

Basing the desktop client of a 'secure messenger' on Electron is... a very poor choice (that is an understatement). The mere fact that the mobile client is available for only Android and iOS adds injury to insult.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to run signal-cli with scli. Two third party projects - that don't get any support from upstream. [1/2]

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