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Which has primacy?

Freedom of Speech


Autonomy in Commmunication

How do these differ?

What do they comprise of?

What conflicting or intersecting rights exist?

No, I’ve not defined terms. I have definitions in mind, but am also trialing language. The 2nd term is novel and appears not to be in significant use. I’m interested in seeing what others presume the meaning to be.

Boosts appreciated.

#FreeSpeech #AutonomousCommunication

Six years ago I ran a thing called cassettes for me.

A new tape, with digital copy, every month.

I advertised it with this flyer.

If I started that up again, would anyone be interested?


I know that it was ruled by American courts long ago that corporate money-seeking machines are people, and money is speech, and "people" giving "speech" to politicians is just darn good business as well as good citizenship, and it's not good form to criticize this honourable civic behaviour and call it actual bribery and corruption, except when it crosses a line, but

I still wish American politics did not run on the basis that politicians are openly for sale to the highest bidder.

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On the Emacs Tangents list, there's a discussion going on about "privileges and Practicalities." I chimed in about #accessibility, and one person brings up [this distro]( that, from what I can tell, turns Arch Linux into Debian. Like, seriously? Arch is great as it is. I don't want old packages, especially an old accessibility stack. Just more bull crap from Gnu because they don't understand. I don't even know if it's worth it to reply to the post.

#foss #a11y #linux

Today is the last day of the Fall 2020 semester for my program. About 15:00 I'll have done my last lesson hour, and I will swiftly proceed on to forgetting that the entire Fall 2020 ever happened, along with Spring 2020.

In browsers you'd have a preference (probably they'd show a popup to ask first time you set up a profile) that goes

"Do you want to allow websites to store data locally?

[ ] Only essential info
[ ] Nothing at all
[ ] Allow each website to ask me"

If the user sets one of the first two options but still sees a popup, it's a GDPR violation and the company gets fined.

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Having mentioned GDPR, I really wish EU created a follow up law that mandates a protocol for data collection consent such that a simple HTTP header could be used to answer the whole question, such that if say Allow-Cookies-For: was set to "nothing", and websites still didn't take that for an answer and drowned you in popups, it would be a GDPR violation.

Yes you can just disable cookies but then you still need to deal with the bloody popups.

Turkey's investigating the shitshow.

On one hand yes Erdo and the boys do want to have a stronger grab on social media and they want it for their usual dystopian bs.

But OTOH I do like the fact that the FAANGsies are making concessions, because this govt's soon to go out and the said concessions will be useful in fighting against these companies.

I really wish the EU made GDPR more like the EEA and let random countries adopt it.


So many humans just need to go back to grade school and learn how to interact with other humans properly.

Why can't you just enjoy a streamer's streams and not be a creepy scumbag?

All this "be my wife" and "show feet" is disgusting and annoying. It turns otherwise fine communities into toxic cesspits of creepy, sweaty, gross losers.
Henlo fediblobs

I would like to gather your opinions on ZeroNet, I2P, IPFS, and GNUNet.

Boosts welcome!

#Horsetail falls in #Yosemite Park when the setting sun illuminates it. This only happens mid to late February.

i am begging y’all to

- add image descriptions to any image you post

- tag @imagecaptionspls if you need assistance

- stop boosting images that don’t have a description added

- add image descriptions to inaccessible toots you stumble upon here

there’s help available if you need it, otherwise do it yourself. there’s really no excuse.

FYI You can use youtube-dl to download the subtitles too

If you already got the video and just want the subtitles:
youtube-dl --write-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL

Where "URL" is the link

This skips the downloading of the video and just gets the English subtitles

Or if you want the auto-generated subtitles:
youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL

German is "de", Japanese is "jp" and so on...

VLC should be able to play your video with the downloaded subs

Accessibility rant 

So when you say people should use FOSS, or people are just lazy and want to use Facebook o Zoom or Windows or MacOS, remember that for some people, it's barely an option, and your arrogance helps no one, especially not the disabled. So don't be ableist, please?

#a11y #foss #linux

Accessibility rant 

I might be using your project, your little app, your award-winning FOSS. The Discord client, the Reddit client, the Email client because Thunderbird is currently our only accessible GUI email client. We *want* to be free! We *want* the options that sighted people have! Why can't people just have empathy for those who need it most? The blind are stuck between one desktop environment, a few browsers, one Email client... and the console.

#a11y #foss #linux

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