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This is the kind of thing that consumes any desire on me.

Like yes, I'm in at least 17 years into the whole education thing (for me it's more like 20 by now). I sure can find a couple resources and write a little review paper for you. Ask me to do that once, twice, and that's okay. But multiple times each semester for each course? What the fucking hell? Why, fucking why?

Why do I have to do chores as interesting reading piles up in my todo lists?

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I'm preparing a "report" on purpose and reason clauses.

In grad school.

This homework is designed to demonstrate two things, in my opinion:

1) I can read shit.

2) I've the patience to not punch my professor in the face for this sort of bullshit work inappropriate even in high school.

And it's designed to achieve one thing, and one thing only:

Eins) My professor gets to have few lessons practically off each semester as students repeat a couple book chapters.

Yesterday I found out that tucking your 's metal thingy under your _really_ helps with it getting fogged up!

I was gonna try the band-aid method @Goran pointed out to me but turns out we had no band-aid at home 🤦‍♂️

«In the context of a violently racist culture, there is no such thing as “ironic” racism.
Online “ironic” racism is making people unsafe. It doesn’t matter if, to you, it’s just a big ironic joke (and no one is smart enough to recognise the many layers, and complexities, of your outrageous sense of humour) if you are participating in these online communities, violent racists are reading your participation as validation of their views. If you play with the language of memefied racist tropes, no matter your intent, you are responsible when someone takes that participation at face value, and counts you amongst their confederates. If you consider yourself a good person, now’s the time to tap out of ironically pretending you are not. Grow up. Words are not just words.»


La commission d'Apple sur les apps sera de 15% au lieu de 30% pour les développeurs gagnants moins de 1M€ par an.

Un beau geste ? Cela montre surtout que les modèles économiques reposant sur la rente divisent les utilisateurs.

Google changed their terms:

"YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform and ads may appear on videos from channels not in the Partner Program"

Squeezing creators seems the easy way to add more revenue and satisfy shareholders but cannot go on forever.

Cancelling student loan debt is such an obviously good progressive policy in so many ways.
RT @ewarren
Generations of discrimination have left communities of color with less savings and intergenerational wealth—forcing them to borrow more for the same degrees. Cancelling student loan debt will build Black and Brown wealth and help close the racial wealth gap.

food, i swear it's a food, no it's not teeth, it's a food 

White Cloud bell peppers stuffed with tomatos

It's not teeth honestly.
#billgates hates civilisation. In fact, some people are wired since birth only to pursue money; the PR angle is leveraged when public backlash threatens the revenue streams. #greed #sociopathy #corruptMedia

@erm67 se non vedi il patriarcato nella diffusione non consensuale di un video hard a danno di una donna e nella colpevolizzazione di una donna che ha subito una violenza (eh sì, far vedere agli amici un video in cui fai sesso con un'altra persona senza il suo consenso è violenza), forse è il caso che tu approfondisca un po' l'argomento.

Visto che oggi mi sento particolarmente in vena, ti dò pure un aiutino: a definire se un'azione è maschilista o meno non è il sesso di chi la compie, ma il motivo per cui viene compiuta è il contesto culturale in cui avviene, e pure le donne possono promuovere patriarcato e cultura dello stupro.


Pro-tip from a medical worker I've seen:

"If you’re having a hard time with glasses fogging or keeping your mask up over your nose, a simple bandaid does wonders. Learned it in the OR."

@cadadr I'm a former fan, even wrote a book about it, but the mess with UTF-8 in Python 3 was the final nail in the coffin for me. I wrote about it at

4) and finally, for me, the whole packaging and distribution mess.

Simply put, after a decade of scripting in it, I still don't know how to reliably package and distribute sth. written in Python.

Which is little trouble when using other languages I know almost nothing about.

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3) Terrible interpreter versioning

I love how with Perl you can write "use v5.24;" up top and expect to work with a compatible interpreter, or panic.

With Python you use the shebang "#!/usr/bin/env python3". If you have sth. introduced in, IDK, 3.6 (e.g. f-strings, IIRC), and if you use python3.6 in the shebang, but if the system has the compatible python3.8, then you need machinery to fix shebangs.

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When I'm writing Elisp I just indent haphazardly as I'm getting a function to do something. Then I just run paredit-indent-defun (M-q) to have it all look nice. Thanks to this, I don't need to have to make code look nice while I'm trying to make it run right, which is unnecessary cognitive load.

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2) Significant whitespace

Significant whitespace is a terrible thing. I find it confusing, and lose my place in code all the time. Silly useless mistakes because there was one space less or one space too much. Inside longer blocks sometimes you can't know where a function or other block ends and where another begins. You become then a human linter and have to adjust spaces here and there, which IMHO need not be necessary when you're trying to get code running.

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So in another toot I said I hate Python, and let me substantiate that:

1) Language is too rigid, community dogmatic, and extensions are haphazard.

E.g. we can't get a postfix if statement because Zen of Python, but we can create a silly @ operator just to accomodate numpy's (which is better than x @ y to begin with, given @ is already in use in a totally unrelated syntax), or we can get it in the specific context of list comprehension.

Any resources / advice on starting a larger software project?

Planning a libre app that's composed of three parts: a backend that deals with data and config, exposes a low level API. Middleware that expose stable REST and socket interfaces. Stable CLI good for both end user and scripting. Front-end GUI, combined with data import / export in a variety of formats. All modular so it can be run "headless".

Never did sth like this. How do you design, plan and implement sth. like this?

someone: says something about some majority---even like "in the majority of cases blah"

internet: BuT thE MajORIty in NaZi GermANyyyyYYyy ...

“GNU Guix in psychology research and teaching”:

Lars illustrates how to put tooling for #ReproducibleResearch in the hands of scientists not used to the command line: (1) with a neat ‘workspace’ command built on top of channels+manifests, and (2) with high-level web interface. Enough to deploy R Studio, Jupyter, & co.!


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