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When I read "amazon prime", my brain goes:

🎶 you load sixteen tonnes, what do you get 🎶
🎶 another day older and deeper in debt 🎶

My cats accidentally have learnt the sound of firefox alert that appears before closing multiple tabs. When they hear the sound, they know that the day is over and I will feed them before we all go to sleep, and they start to request food since it is thetime. This demonstrates both how smart they are and how loser I am to finish every single day with my computer.

Brief thought on capitalism and covid 

Ironically if capitalists weren’t so greedy their workforce would be in a much better place now if we’d done a proper shutdown.

#DeleteFacebook « A 6,600-word internal memo from a fired #Facebook data scientist details how the social network knew leaders of countries around the world were using their site to manipulate voters — and failed to act »

I think I got a neat org agenda setup this time.

Or maybe it's because the semester is not on yet so I don't have any scheduled items or deadlines.

This was somewhat inspired by, with some code taken from there. My setup's source available at:

is creating their own Docker container registry.

As some might recall had recently announced that they'd rate limit container image downloads.

(Click that link and appreciate that lovely abomination of a title. You'll regret it.)

"DPL: Debian project has plenty of money but not enough developers"

has a limited amount of volunteers and its conservative, overly responsible spending policy has resulted in money to pile up as the amount of work has far exceeded humane amounts for the contributors.

While I'm not a fan of StatQuest videos, this one on Probability vs. Likelihood it really nice:

Binomial pdf in Lisp

(require 'cl-lib)

(defun // (&rest args)
(apply #'/ (mapcar #'float args)))

(defun factorial (n)
(cl-reduce #'* (number-sequence 1 n)))

;; R’s dbinom(x, prob, size) [arg order flipped]
(defun binom (x theta n)
(let ((n! (factorial n))
(x! (factorial x)))
(* (// n!
(* x! (factorial (- n x))))
(expt theta x)
(expt (- 1 theta)
(- n x)))))

A quarter-century of expensively purchased scholarship has created an epistemological chaos that support denial about economic fairness, the climate emergency, a public sphere, and other obvious facts that are now, incredibly, in doubt.


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If you want to make the truth unknowable, you don't start by convincing people of wrong things, you start by making it hard to know whether ANYTHING is true.

Look at Vladislav Surkov, who was Putin's long-serving disinformation guy.

Surkov's signature move was boasting that he secretly funded SOME opposition groups, but never saying which ones were inauthentic and which ones were the true opposition.


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Factorial in Lisp looks somewhat cool:

(require 'cl-lib)
(defun factorial (n)
(cl-reduce #'* (number-sequence 1 n)))

BTW Emacs is pretty lacky in maths functions department.

You know the hardest thing about watching any western TV is witnessing people wearing shoes inside their home. What the heck is wrong with you?!

Privatezilla integrates the most important Windows 10 privacy settings and allows you to quickly perform a privacy check against these settings. It allows you to fine-tune Windows 10's many settings and configure your privacy without navigating through a hundred different menus.

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