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I've just changed to TraditionalGreen theme, and that helps with Devhelp and the tooltip problems.


has some weird bugs and rough edges. Maybe it is because I'm on Debian Testing, but working with panels is rather difficult. The tooltips look bad with the dark theme. The window of Devhelp looks funny, it has no borders to resize it or to separate it from background.

I may end up switching to XFCE, which I used for a long time up until a year ago anyways.

unironic meta take 

Looking for technical help online sounds like this:

“Folks, my shower drain is clogged up, how do I unclog it?”

“Why don’t you move to a house with a bathtub?”
“Try not to clog it up in the first place, duh”
“Why would you even need to take your showers at home?”
“Just take out the things that are clogging the drain, how difficult is that”
“If you can’t maintain a shower stall in good conditions, why do you even clean yourself?”

Guix 1.0 is out at last! YEAH!
It even includes a "graphical" (read, curses-like) installer now! (The oldschool DIY route is still available if you like that though!) Lots of other stuff too!

Congrats Guix team!

Just switched to Mate: decided to stop implementing a half-arsed DE with i3 and friends. Pretty cool so far!

The cynics will be forgotten, just like your failures will be too! -- exurb1a

I'm rewriting my blogging script as a proper static site generator library in Python 3. Watch the development here:

This is probably the first time I'm writing a library with a plan and a (hopefully) well thought out API. Turns out hacking scripts and an init.el for years doesn't teach you that.

Today I've got the basic workflow working (see StaticProducer), and done a lot of bikeshedding.

Will probably finish in a few weeks. It is LGPL v3 licenced. Not usable yet.

run , with if applicable (in which case run the at project root)

I use this with Emacs so that I don't need to advice many commands which assume python-shell-interpreter is the name of a command



while true; do
if [ -e pyproject.toml ]; then
exec poetry run python $@
elif [ / = "$PWD" ]; then
cd $start
exec ${RUN_PYTHON:-python3} $@
cd ..

What do you think about the packaging and project management tool for ? I am starting a project in Python 3, and I just installed poetry b/c looks like it really helps with all the tasks when maintaining a Python program. But I couldn't find much critique of it, so that's what I'm wondering, if anybody here has any experience and/or comments.

Tho the main problem I have with is that "guix pull" never works for me. I don't really recall now the exact problem, but IIRC it stuck for a while, with heavy load readings, and maybe segfault later? But it eventually did not complete for me. Never. Maybe gotta retry it.

is good, but having Scheme to do your configs instead of some weird DSL (and Nix DSL *is* awkward) is not nice.

And I've not yet cleaned all the effects of the Gnome 3 installation: I noticed when the login shell is loading an error is thrown b/c it can't find "flatpak". Does not cause any problems, but it does mean that the install cannot be undone symmetrically.

With and , because both packages and their config is declarative, everything can happen in unison, with no leftover configs, at least system-wide.

I just experienced the main thing that makes me crave (or ) as my daily driver: I just installed Gnome 3 on my Debian Testing box (packages: gnome gnome-photos gnome-remote-desktop gnome-devel gnome-api-docs), and when I tried to remove, it took multiple steps, manual removals and autoremoves. With GuixSD or NixOS, you just choose the previous generation, and everything's done, totally clean, just like you left it.

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