Trying to make use of lsp in Emacs...

Python's lsp is pretty sensitive to versions of jedi and pyls:


seems to work fine, because jedi 0.17.0 has some dependency versioning problems.

"For 18 months, residents of a village in Wales have been mystified as to why their broadband internet crashed every morning.

Now engineers have finally identified the reason: A second-hand television that emitted a signal that interfered with the connection."

@pluralistic There's also offline data brokerage. Witnessed it back in 2013.

Guy comes into company, sits with marketers, says "I've X million rows of data, from this and that sources, these columns", they haggle then shake hands.

The kinda nasty our privacy extensions and apps can't help with...

IDK if GDPR or similar regulates this but companies that store user data should be constantly physically scrutinised and not allowed to make & keep large collections of it.

@acdw In all these years I haven't used the profiler once...

A better approach might be to set debug-on-error to t and hit C-g a lot, or if it doesn't work send SIGUSR2 to Emacs, tho IDK how you'd do that last one on Windows.

@regines @unfa What I couldn't figure out is am I supposed to listen on their apps or is it good old audio file downloads.

Navarro, Danielle. Learning Statistics with R. p. 330

Thinking of hypothesis testing as a criminal trial. Pretty good analogy imo.

2 kinds of websites: declarative first and imperative first.

Declarative first ex.: "fediverse is a decentralised network of social networking applications. such and such interactions are possible."

Imperative first ex.: "welcome to fediverse! a place where you can do this, and you can do that, and this, and that and...
[ deep in the about page ]
...btw fediverse is a decentralised..."

I favour declarative first. Gives a context.

The other way you know what you _can_ do there but not _why_.

Sooo... how am I supposed to Bandcamp?

Is it just a store, or is there more to it?

Do I just download stuff and do all the playlisting and general listening in another app?

The app especially is fairly opaque.

@acdw What were you doing 🔍 ?

If it's out of the blue it might be something nasty in post-command-hook, window-*-change-functions, after-save-hook &c, or some idle timer.

The XY problem is fairly well-known:

I think I sometimes encounter what I want to call "the XY solution": I am writing software to solve a problem and am using approach X to solve it, but other people know that Y is at least tangentially a solution to the problem so they suggest (or insist) that I use Y instead.

For example, rsync is good for copying files, therefore when I wrote backup software, I should've based it on rsync.

Anyone else find that familiar?

Hills seem bad.
People complain about the struggle of going up hill.
It is also considered bad when things "go down hill"
And hills are places on which people choose to die.

Avoid hills, just go around.

@temporal @dredmorbius That's interesting. I always think of my notes as something I make use of passively: the act of taking notes should, for me

1) help with learning
2) ideally help me not have to remember details
3) generate a structure which I can search later to find stuff I need.

I wonder what kind of active uses you're thinking about. Like flashcards, scheduled recurring reviews. mindmaps, &c?

Gilbert cites experts who say that FB will not leave the EU irrespective of whether the judgment is upheld. GB's longstanding project to replace the federated internet with a corporate total surveillance walled garden is not compatible with abandoning a 500m person market.

And the EU clearly has the political will to push Big Tech around, in part because of Europeans' resentment of US hegemony and in part because of the tech giants' disgusting conduct - tax cheating, spying, monopolizing.


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@garritfra It would be great if you could label moments when editing a file, and then do some in-memory version control.

E.g. imagine you're writing a hello world in C. you write the usual thing and label that state as "hello". Then you parameterise it on argv[1], and call it "hello-arg".

Browsed the docs but couldn't see sth like that. Neither in Emacs' undo-tree.el.

#vim tip of the day: You can literally travel back in time. To jump to the state a file had 10 minutes ago, use the following command:

:earlier 10m

To then go forward in time 1 minute, use this command:

:later 1m

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@luka @cadadr @jk

art ever since becoming a commodity (and arguibly before) required somebody to be entrepreneurial. either the artist (finding a patron, finding customers) or someone else it is delegated to (an agent, etc) sometimes both or a mixture. all of this serious issues. (even when monopolies are not involved making everything worse)

Do I agree that artists shouldn't need to become an entrepreneur to eat. yes! That is why I support universal income. :)

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@eylul @luka @cadadr @jk that's still falling back on entrepreneurship (or a sort of patronage charity) in order to survive, which is not a great model, sorry. just better than spotify, except when it isn't (like someone uses it to clout-build in a negative way, which does happen -- and is an additional issue of its own). that's not most artists on patreon, though

my view overall is that artists shouldn't have to be entrepreneurs just to eat. which i think you agree with, yes?

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@luka @cadadr @jk

The idea of commons is not libertarian. its actually the opposite. its the idea that art and knowledge is not a commodity and shouldn't be treated as such. There was historic need to artificially commodify idea creation to protect innovators and culture creators which was a good thing but if we can find another way to support them (e.g. universal income) that problem goes away.

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@cadadr @jk

oh that might be a temporary solution but I am on opposite end of this. :) abolish copyright+universal income to everyone. make all sort of idea and culture creation into commons and decouple work from income. *ducks the incoming object*

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