Archivists are trying to make sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ never goes down. A new project aims to make LibGen, which hosts 33 terabytes of scientific papers and books, much more stable.

Bad design: when I look at your website and/or app and am left thinking: "what is this?"

One of the best front-pages ever was the Deck Network's:

Crystal clear about what it is, lots of text, and text is the most prominent thing on the page.

A ton of great praxis can come from just taking a step back and realizing the economy is fake. Everyone has stuff they don't need, and often the people who need that stuff are right next door. And there's always work to be done and people who need work to do. Those things just don't ever connect because they don't have enough green paper to give each other

Timebanking, bartering, community-controlled currency, sharing spaces, or even something as simple as encouraging neighbors to *talk* to each other about what they need and what they can offer, can all dramatically change the quality of life in poor communities - not just after a crash, but at any time

@bascht Sure thing, I'll add one soon. In the meantime, tho, one of the initial toots in this thread has a couple pics. It won't win no beauty contest, mind you :))

It also lacks docs and a decent Readme, but I'll add them later. Gotta go back to reading papers...

The little Pomodoro app I was writing, called Pomodorino, is almost there. I still need a few more hours to make it into an actual complete app (indicator, gsettings, i18n), but basic functionality-wise, it's done, modulo possible bugs (IDK how well it handles some possible race conditions).

If anybody's interested, check out the github repo:

At the heart of this is a state machine which currently has six states: initial, pomodoro, after pomodoro, short break, long break, after break. Some logic knows how to jump around in that machine.

It's got some rough edges, but already does what it's supposed to do.

One question tho, how do you go about automating testing something like this thing?

And here is a first couple scrs of my little ugly baby.

All I need is to get settings dialogue and the tray indicator sorted, and a bit of housekeeping. Then it's ready for a release.

I wanna keep it as barebones as possible, and the indicator will help get even this tiny window away from your sight. I've already hooked up notifications, so the window is only needed for interaction, but the indicator menu will double for that.

My coding skillz are rusty, and IDK if I'm finding GTK easy to work with, but I'm writing a little pomodoro app with Python 3 and GTK 3.

I have been wanting a FOSS and non-Electron one on the desktop for a while, but I couldn't find. Looks like all it's going to take is a few hundred lines of Python.

Gonna publish it in a couple days.

Why do people call THEMSELVES 'social media influencers', isn't that a bit like wearing a T-shirt saying "HI THERE I AM BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY ADVERTISERS AND I AM LYING TO YOU RIGHT NOW"?

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

"I cannot believe that I am actually done. This endeavor took so long and many times I thought that I would never be able to finish. However, despite some more or less minor obstacles to getting everything in on time, it actually did happen."

from Heidi Altmann's 2006 PhD dissertation.

John Cleese on Stupidity:

So IDK who this guy is, but he delivers the message well 😀

This is kinda sad BTW: I really wanted to try MX Linux, it looked solid.

One big problem I have with my usual setup is that I can't do the thing where you have one workspace on your screen, and another on another monitor, with the projectors they have at school. But that worked like automagically with HDMI back when I connected to monitors a couple times to watch soccer games.

Also, the presentation mode in libreoffice doesn't work. Maybe going back to Stable helps with these issues, tho.

But at least I went from Testing to Stable thanks to that fuckup, that's one good thing.

MX Linux didn't float my boat: I have a certain partition layout with a boot partition and an LVM that contains home, root, backups and one big file store for all my files (which later I symlink to ~/ w/ a script). MX installer makes it impossible to use such layout, and that's a no no.

So, I'm back to a fresh install of Debian Stable. Sad thing is, I've spent 3GB of mobile data downloading MX and Xubuntu ISO's, stayed up late while trying to fix my sleep, and am back to square one again...

You know how there's a tradition of shops in Turkey offering customers a cup of tea, regardless of the shop's purpose? Like, you could be buying a washing machine and the clerk would bring you some tea as you browse the catalogue.
Well, I ordered SATA cables online and it came with an envelope containing the invoice, as well as a single-use teabag and a little packet of sugar.

I wonder what the fediverse has to say on . It looks like a very solid distro with great valid hype around it. What's your opinion?

Very interesting article, will definitely read, thanks!

But note that (1) frankly IDK much about economics, (2) tho it seems from article that inequality trend is negative overall, (3) but apart from that, inequality shouldn't be conflated w/ the purchasing power & general quality of life of people (even if the rich get richer, the situation of the not rich may regardless trend positively).

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