Not only does Scihub make it possible for scholars to see the literature they need to review to continue their work, irrespective of institutional affiliation (this is especially important in the Global South, where many universities can't afford subscriptions).

But - as a quartet of scholars from Brazil, Colombia, Czech, and Australia show in a new paper...well, the title says it all, really: "THE SCI-HUB EFFECT: SCI-HUB DOWNLOADS LEAD TO MORE ARTICLE CITATIONS."


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IDK why but I have this weird love for Mount and Blade Bannerlord. It's a buggy weird little game but guess it's the "writing a story" kinda side of it that keeps me playing it.

My lil Ratagovia ruled by Ratagost of the Sturgian faction Ratagoving is a nice cute city state (Epicrotea) with a couple castles. Paying tributes to everyone just to exist...

KDE Connect is better than Firefox Sync at moving links around, and then quite some stuff.


@joeo10 Nobody could do that on their own because unlike WebKit or Chrom{e,ium}, Firefox is a huge monolith built using a mix of C++, Rust, and JavaScript. That's simply why WebKit and Blink have so much usage: they're (de)composable libraries; one can delegate rendering, the most complex thing a browser does, to these libraries and create something like Qutebrowser, but you only have things like IceWeasel on the FF side which just remove some stuff, rebrand, and add extensions.

Another day where eats my user data: typed in a search query, but I get a page which says it's got to restart because it updated in the background, so restart it, and my search is gone. Luckily it's not some complex expression that I'd need to reconstruct...

The fucking binary is in the memory. Why do you force me to restart?

I can barely take more of Firefox at this point. is an English language editing service for ESL (English as a Second Language) scholars.

OceanEditors is an #e2c enterprise (Exit 2 Community) which was founded as a democratic workplace and will exit as a full #workercoop

If you are an ESL academic struggling with your English manuscripts, we can help!

Want to help grow the #e2c #coop community? Help us connect with clients and partnering universities.


@cypnk @valerauko And not only that, but sometimes some papers or books are only available from these channels because they are too old to have ebook versions and too unpopular to be widely available in libraries. In the past year and a half, I needed probably a handful of such articles whose journals' websites went extinct or never existed and copies never widely disseminated, and no "legitimate" means to access unless you're willing to go on a little world tour just for a few pages...

@cypnk @valerauko Efforts like scihub and libgen are huge especially for people like me with less priviledged backgrounds studying in lesser universities with poor libraries. I'm doing an MA in linguistics, and I don't have library access to >90% of what I read, and I lack means to buy even <5-10% of that (or even rent...). Simply put, Open Access and related activisim is a true, solid, huge, and invaluable enabler.

And here's how open access is actually driving science

"The Sci-hub Effect: Sci-hub downloads lead to more article citations"

This is why *no* publicly funded paper should ever be behind a paywall. I'd argue even privately funded papers should be public if the end goal is improving society. Peer review already relies on volunteers for the most part, so it's not a question of paying for them

@acdw How should I handle settings then? Traditional manual editing vs. a settings dialog? I'd fancy the former but idk. Would it be too old fashioned?

Please, Americans, if you do nothing else today, then please take action against EARN-IT.

We discussed it on the show, but it would destroy online privacy, crypto, etc. This is no joke. Please, take action TODAY as it goes up for a vote July 2nd.

If you love Free Software or Privacy, this bill has to die!


Two main things it lacks: proper packaging & gsettings integration. IDK if I really want gsettings or just a .ini file in ~/.config...

For now you basically "poetry build", "pip3 install ./dist/<wheel file>", and run it from command line (in Gnome &c you can run it w/ Alt+F2).

Remember that pomodoro app I started some months ago and then selfishly stopped working on because it came to a state where it was working for me?

I added something called an "ease in period" to it where you start your pomodoro session with a short break. Idea is you integrate "I'll just check social media and relax a little before work" moments to the timer and end up only wasting 5 mins instead of an infinite amount of time.

What do you think of the idea?

@self TBH the systemd part of systemd is neat. I'm making some use of systemctl --user it's nice to have too. IMO most people have issues with all the systemd-*d stuff.

wage-slavery take 

A minimum wage is literally meaningless without a maximum salary...

No one needs to be a trillionaire, billionaire, or millionaire. It's fucking obscene.

Obviously we don't want capitalist overlords at all - but, in the meantime, castration of the wealth lords would improve some portion of economic (and thus racial) inequality

One talk I'm looking forward to: "The ‘Native Monolingual Standard’ In Language Research (and Why It’s a Problem)" by Antonella Sorace

@tom I agree, though there’s two perspectives here: a) the eco-fascist rhetoric is idiotic and misses the obvious truth that it’s a small number of capitalist slum lords doing the damage... but b) on the other hand, from the perspective of the planet humans are a pathogen inducing a planetary fever response that will solve the planets problem if we let those few with money and power continue.

In my mind the key is to ensure we don’t validate A, but make better decisions without denying of B

Code hosting systems remain a problem, with too much dependancy on Github. Being venture backed, it's also only a matter of time before something unpleasant happens to Gitlab. You might say "just use sourcehut", but I'm not keen on email based workflows either. Self-hosting email and mailing lists is challenging and at any point in time I am only one ISP decision away from losing the ability to do that.

Forgefed exists, but right now I don't see anyone implementing it.

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