Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

@nev @alpine_thistle @ketmorco @ljwrites Wow, trying to figure out if tis gross nightmare stuff or wholesome symbiosis now 😂

I recall similar experiences but forgot what particular videos. I think YT looks for some leads and once you run into one it goes "aha, I just figured how to get you binge watch stuff for the next bazillion hours!" and just floods you with them.

@alpine_thistle @ketmorco @ljwrites I was very curious about swords and archery for a few weeks, and how quickly it brought alt-right to my recommendations is weird. I also have watch history off, but no effect. Even devices I'm not logged on were affected.

I watch a lot of openly leftist stuff (an almost nothing that's recognisably let alone openly (alt-)right), they appear way less frequently in recommendations, and take way longer to appear.

Me: I would like to listen to some traditional Korean music
YouTube: So you want right-wing nationalist videos, right?
Me: No thanks, just traditional music.
YouTube: ...And also nationalism?
Me: No, get that shit off my feed.
YouTube: Just little a nationalism, as a treat?
Me: NO.

Anyone one the fediverse interested in #boatbuilding ? Please boost 👍

My gosh, there are a bunch of people on scholar.social I do not recognise.

I am Marc. English language teacher at unis in Tokyo. Interested in listening, especially vowel acquisition for listening, corpus linguistics, mixed methods, open access, and having unrealistic numbers of projects on the go.

Likely to toot about small-p politics. Frequent CW user.


#Introductions #again

Montaigne on cats, as quoted in The Compleat Angler:

'No, no, Sir, we enjoy a contentedness above the reach of such dispositions, and as the learned and ingenuous Montaigne says, like himself, freely, " When my Cat and I entertain each other with mutual apish tricks, as playing with a garter, who knows but that I make my Cat more sport than she makes me? Shall I conclude her to be simple, that has her time to begin or refuse, to play as freely as I myself have? Nay, who knows but that it is a defect of my not understanding her language, for doubtless Cats talk and reason with one another, that we agree no better: and who knows but that she pities me for being no wiser than to play with her, and laughs and censures my folly, for making sport for her, when we two play together?"
Thus freely speaks Montaigne concerning Cats...'

Some of you asked me if I had a Patreon: it’s now the case! 😄


The received funds will be mainly used to cover hosting costs and illustrators’ commissions for nice visuals for the software I’m developing. 😉

Please consider the 1$ membership, as having a lot of small donators would be a nice demonstration of your interest and support. 🙂

How many independent living organisms are within 1 meter of you right now? Think microscopic.

I'm currently working on a #Pixelfed client called Resin, designed to prevent social media addiction. To hear more about it, check out:


And for more about its design philosophy:


Pronouns (3/3) 

@Lindsaythelibrarian they almost exclusively in my English speech and writing since the day I learned about it. I like being referred to with that too, tho I am cis het. It is because it removes the spotlight from what is often a useless detail, I guess.

I really hope and believe that it'll completely replace he/she in English, because there is not a single reason why it wouldn't, and it's generally what languages tend to do anyways.

Pronouns (3/3) 

@Lindsaythelibrarian As (someone working to become) a linguist and as someone whose mother tongue (mostly, arguably) lacks grammatical gender this is something that's been really interesting to me since a few years.

To me it's really weird and unnecessary to have to make every sentence a vessel of identity, because it is a sensitive issue for everyone and we should be able to communicate without risking PTSD and/or dysphoria triggers every other sentence. Thus I use singular

@kensanata Personally I have never experienced such a thing, and hadn't heard talk of it till I read a toot by another person on this thread, but may be possible, esp depending on types of pigments maybe.

@edebill @kensanata Hmm, that sounds pretty reasonable, never really thought of it before. Thanks!

@kensanata Rinsing with water is fine but unnecessary if it's the same colour. Often it's okay to not wash even if the colour is different but similar, it'll just be darker for a while (tho I always wash when changing colours).

In order to minimise the amount of ink splashing while washing, you can press the nib against a piece of paper towel which will drain a decent amount of ink.

As for ink marks, I love them and I love to pretend to regret them 😂 Somewhat hipster of me..

Little known historical fact about Attila the Hun 

The story goes that Attila the Hun used to collect exotic animals that he found during his conquests. He particularly liked dangerous or fearsome animals, and his favourite was a giant snake. He was so fond of it, it was said that he brought it with him on every campaign.

But his snake lost its appetite, and soon stopped eating altogether; perhaps due to the stress of frequent travel and an irregular diet.

Wishing to save his prized pet, Attila sought help from the local chirurgeons and witch doctors. None of them could do anything for him, until a wizened sage suggested feeding the serpent only young female virgins.

Attila was pleased with this idea, and was delighted to find that a city he had raided just happened to have a Christian convent with a convenient supply of the recommended food for his pet.

But the snake refused to eat, or even touch any of the consecrated virgins from the convent. Enraged, Attila sent for the soothsayer who advised him to have him executed. (Continued)

@devinprater I'll be working on my gemlog soon (I'll need time to set up a VM provider), and my idea for this is that I'll have an HTML export of my gemspace, and the feed will be a part of that.

Couple relevant links from my notes:




I think there's an AWK version of that last one, but I don't have the link.

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