A crystalline hand within my silent lions.
The laughing murder of her laughing universe.
Humble earth of the corrupted monster.
The unspeakable thistle of the valiant heart.
My stony bullet beneath her vast light.
The sandy lion of a fallen, smooth place.
The secret flies of their burning raven.
A peaceful terrace of her beautiful angels.
The fallen knowledge of my fiery ship.
The magical handmaid within the porcelain horse.
Countless deformed priests of her glass blood.

@isagalaev Thanks! And hopefully Russia will start changing too! Sadly, having natural resources is a big drag on democracy unless you're already rich without them, it seems. But maybe as the need for fossil fuels will vanish the fuel tyrannies will also follow.

@boogiebutters The opposition bloc's candidate imamoglu has won with a margin of almost 10%: 54% to 44%, roughly. The ruling bloc is mostly silent, the president has not appeared before the press. This is a historical victory, given Istanbul is the intellectual, political and economical motor of the country. We triumphed over populism. Many, me included, believe that next national elections, on time or premature, will bring about a change of power. People are jazzed up: twitter.com/MelvynIngleby/stat

Ballots closed minutes after 5pm, the process of counting votes has been kicked off. In a few hours we'll get to meet the new (!) mayor of Istanbul.

The ruling bloc has resorted to the dirtiest of tactics, to the most blatant of lies. Istanbul is a huge source of value gifted freely and generously to allies and relatives in order to secure support and distribute/gain capital. CHP has gained major cities this elections, and it'll regain Istanbul tomorrow. New mayors are aleady exposing unseen levels of corruption, which, along wih the crisis hidden in plain sight sway people away from the long-time ruling AKP-MHP bloc.

This morning we'll vote on the mayor of Istanbul---again.

The opposition candidate had won the elections on March 31st, but the quasi-party-state called for reelections because "even if nothing happened, something did happen".

Everybody expects Imamoglu to win by a decent margin. That won't be the change we need, but it could have a domino effect and help bring it about.

What are you reading these days #22: tild.es/eqz

tildes.net is a discussion-oriented online community. See it for yourself if you’re in search for an alternative/companion to Reddit, HN, etc. Contact me for an invite.

Notes on Poetry Package Manager for Python: gkayaalp.com/blog/20190617_pyt

tl;dr is a nice, standards-abiding tool, w/o 's drama and issues. Main downside is it's less popular, but I like it better overall. It was easy to integrate into my and shell usage.

When people talk about their great past they’re usually trying to excuse their mediocre present.---Terry Pratchett. 

@emsenn Sounds nice! Personally I prefer more descriptive names over more funny/witty ones. Easier to find for those who are searching.

Today is the first anniversary of my uni graduation, and only now could I get my hands on my diploma. Fuckers. All the other unis either give it at most in a month.

Guess I'll make a birthday cake and flap the thing at the single candle to celebrate its anniversary... 🤬

And they told me to come back 6 moths later for my diploma supplement...

Just converted a Ruby script of mine to Haskell. I used this script to set brightness on my i3/Debian box.

I'll try to convert at least some of my scripts to Haskell in an effort to (re)learn the language.

It is weird how much a few years of neglect can do to abstract stuff one learns...


@koenaro Emacs really fits that purpose because you get the benefits of playing with lisp ASAP, especially if you wouldn't write any complex programs if you tried another lisp.

Most of us seem to agree that democracy and bottom-up power structures are a good thing. Yet, the companies we work for are based purely on top-down, obey-or-get-fucked feudalism.

What is this thing with marking SFW images NSFW?

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