Then I look at people's CVs and they've pretty consistently studied wh constructions in some language for half a bloody century.

What kind of ungodly focus is this and where do I buy an infinite supply of it?

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When I examine my research ideas list, it's all over the place. Apparently...

- I like (socio)phonology more than I consciously know

- I imagine a lot of things about construction grammar even tho I didn't really do my reading yet

- I love meta stuff like citation styles, research methods, open/reproducible rsc, terminology

- My older ideas are social justice related (ethnic minorities in Turkey, esp.)

- I feel a need to attack some fundamentals of linguistics

- I like my my quantitative

it feels like "my destination is clearly visible, but I will only be there in an hour at best because the nearest bridge is a couple of kilometers away"

Fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk my thesis proposal is due way sooner than I thought. I have exactly 59 days starting tomorrow.

I thought we'd only be picking advisors by then. Apparently they're rushing things a bit this fall.

Luckily I've some research ideas noted but I don't want to spend experimental stuff in these covid times where interviews are not nice. Guess I'll try to come up with something corpus based.

Fuck I though I had at least one month more than that time 🙀

@Sandra Oh alright I had a slip of a mind there and though about them little thingies you put on other fingers too for a moment

@Sandra Whenever I tried them thumb picks felt like I'm playing after a liter of vodka. They are very hard to be accurate with.

@fitheach I don’t think so. The photographer had an objective. If my emotion matches his objective then he’s done a good job.

Obviously I take issue with photographs that are altered to manipulate facts, but otherwise it’s a shrug from me.

Photos are often assumed to show actual events. People now are probably more aware of how photos can be manipulated because almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, with simple editing tools.

What happens if the emotion raised is fear or anger, does it matter?

@fitheach I very rarely hear the words when I listen to music. More important is how it makes me feel. Similarly I don’t care how a photo was created. If it sparks some emotion, then it’s a good job.

@fitheach I'd contrast this with some random photo depicting people in some traditional attire, or just the historic quarters of a city, trying to tell that that's how the normal life there. These photos try to capitalise on a sense of exoticism and at times beholder's feeling of superiority. IMHO these are faker than Ho's photo even in their raw form on the negatives, even if they were truly spontaneous.

@fitheach E.g., IMHO there's more to this Ho photo than just the scene. It communicates to me a feeling of insignificance in industrial urban spaces and loneliness in city life. It does not misrepresent Hong Kong, or, does not really represent any particular location. It just uses the space, the model, and the shadow as compositional pieces. The shadow directs focus, the colours and tall straight lines communicate urbanism and industralism.

@fitheach It depends, really.

If you're "faking" to build a story or compose a scene, it's actually composition.

If you're covertly faking the story you're capturing, i.e. when the moment itself is supposed to be the object of the story, then it's faking.

Concretely, this photo is composition. But if you went into Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and took photos that depict the faux commercial orientalism found there as Turkey's everyday life, then that's faking, and somewhat unethical.

This stunning photo was taken by film director, actor and photographer, Fan Ho, in 1954.

Ho was famous for taking candid photos of street life and the city architecture of Hong Kong, in the 1950s and 60s. His striking use of light and shadow, exemplified in "Approaching Shadow", led to him being linked to the Bauhaus art movement.

#photo #photography

Decided to quickly write this after seeing the ad-blocking related comments on Tom Scott's great video at

(Boosts welcome, just in case)

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Ad blocking / uBlock Origin Protips:

- Don't use multiple ad blockers. Use a single one, and that should be "uBlock Origin". Multiple ad blockers will conflict, and in uBlock's case, will hinder it's ability to defuse anti-ad-blockers

- Use Firefox to block ads served through CNAME'd first-party domains

- You don't need extra addons to block cookie prompts. Open uBlock Origin's settings, go to annoyances and enable all ("EasyList Cookie" is also provided by "Fanboy's Annoyance", so that can stay disabled safely)

- You don't need extra addons (like NoScript) to control JS execution. uBlock Origin can do it by itself ( in addition to this I also block inline and 1st-party scripts, just in case

- Use "Right click > Block Element" to delete annoying parts of the pages you frequent. They will be saved to "My filters" so you can share your configuration with others if you wish

here are mine if you want:

- Use custom filter lists. At uBlock's settings under Filter lists, scroll to the very bottom and click import, put one url per line.

Here is the lists I'm using:

Here are some lists that do more than adblocking:

And of course, this giant resource:

I like river cities more than seaside cities.

Haven't been to a river delta city yet so wonder what that feels like.

After the iPhone update, still had to sign in. But this time it worked! Whatever "old" data it had stored is apparently gone, now. We'll see what else is gone, I guess.
Hugging my free software, right now. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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