Another fun fact is that your output can be coloured but so can be the background of someone's terminal. I think there is a way to check what the bg is (termcap?), but generally colour being opt in, or at least opt out is a good idea. So many programs just don't bother and hardcode colours.

@kfwyre Thanks! That sounds so Turkey! And after all that some political whims can have you excommunicated... Sad that all we want to do is teach and/or research, and there are all these nonsense hurdles when trying to do that.

ALES: an exam by turkish govt I have to take to prove that, as a BA in italian literature, I indeed went to high school. As if that was not obvious given I graduated from an undergrad programme and am applying for master's... and now I have to prepare for this as if I was not aready busy preparing for the master's itself.

One of the many ways this country eats up my time as if it was fucking snacks...

The #vim vs #emacs flame war is getting out of hands.

Just visit vim.dev.

[ Someone must have spent a fortune on that domain :) ]

I used fastmail for two years with K-9 mail on android, through IMAP. Was good, I'd keep it but I do fine with my domain's mailbox. Afaik both Tutanota and Proton lack IMAP or POP3 support. That is a huge turn off for me. I'd rather not be tied into some app, but use a combo of K9 and OpenKeychain.
@apetresc @Tutanota @protonmail


"Mistake" :P

It took me ages to learn that I could actually drop books I did not enjoy or at least found really useful. It is one of the best things I ever learnt b/c otherwise it eats away from the time you can spend reading something truly beautiful.

@natecull @wrenpile Also, Emacs has so many unorthodox keybindings that learning a couple new keybindings is just the tip of the iceberg. It's a trade-off where having easy keyboard access to so many diverse functions has the cost of a high learning curve. Moreover, it's quite reasonable to me that an already existing community around sth prioritise their prefs over those of some potential newcomers for whom there's no guarantee that they'll contribute or stay.

@natecull @wrenpile What if it's not worth it? All that is is a few new keybindings. Ctrl+ZXCV instead all have uses in Emacs, Readline, & any terminal. C-c & C-x are among the main prefix keys in Emacs & are the entry point to 100s of cmds. Why change that just to save ~5min to new users?

WYSIWYG is actually sth RMS really wants, & there's all the necessary bits to build in Emacs already, but the thing is apprently nobody has needed it enough to write one yet.

My dog sleeps effortlessly and constantly, and I couldn't be prouder or more jealous.

@natecull @enkiv2 @kragen @erosdiscordia @brennen Yeah, it takes quite some work to make Emacs address your wants, but it is possible to make it do what you want, exactly. I would love to have an OS w/ a similar env, but a modern UX. Say rightclick the clock & edit/eval the source. Midclick and get its docs. Connect apps randomly. Eg when I mail someone, add some stats to a spreadsheet. In Emacs could do it w/ Rmail&Org.

@natecull @enkiv2 @kragen @erosdiscordia @brennen Key interference is theoretically a problem but often you don't encounter big clashes (a notorious one is Alt+Tab, which can be worked around by ESC TAB, also bound to C-M-i), possibly b/c Emacs devs trying to avoid them. My biggest problem is hitting C-q and the app closing, no warnings. It's horrible design to close app w/o confirmation, and the OS needs to ensure that.

@natecull @enkiv2 @kragen @erosdiscordia @brennen
Emacs does come with many tradeoffs. Some config might near "squaring the circle", but normally mouse is rather useless in Emacs (I use it for menu bar, links, buttons). You don't have useful context menus. But the general usefulness offsets it IMHO. With most apps, all you get is what the dev gives you. W/ Emacs, *everything* is configable, debuggable, modifiable, always.

@natecull @enkiv2 @kragen @erosdiscordia @brennen So, I came across this via a boost. I think Emacs satisfies all of those to some extent. Sadly, though, one can't really fit *all* their computing into Emacs unless they live in a computational vacuum.

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