Once again I'm trying my luck with . This time I'm making use of Activities, having a separate activity for my research & study. I still don't get how differen't they'll be from workspaces in practice, but I'll see...

This was from the third page of the following: Graziano, Anthony M., and Michael M. Raulin. Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry. 8th ed., Pearson, 2012.

> Instead of the
probability of getting help increasing when the number
of witnesses to the event increases, it decreases, and
it decreases dramatically. They explained this finding
with a concept called diffusion of responsibility. If you
are the only one who can help, you are likely to feel a
responsibility to help. If there are several other people
available to help, you might reason that someone else
will help. unfortunately, everyone is thinking the same
way, and so no one helps.

‘When two elephants jostle, what is hurt is the grass.’

From Understanding Morphology, Haspelmath. Seems to be a Swahili proverb.

1: Make everything undoable, and for actions that are inevitably not undoable ask for confirmation with the default option cancelling the action.

This is especially important in mobile where accidental taps are frequent. But so many apps don't have undo at all, let alone having it in all the places it is necessary.

Cron is good & I use it, I also like systemd --user for ruby docs, syncthing, &c.

But another good mechanism is Emacs timers&hooks, which are really helpful b/c you can have Emacs to do things at intervals or on hooks. Not good for all tasks tho.

I'd say all of these tools have sth the other doesn't: Cron is good at simple things that happen at intervals, systemd for more complex tasks or services, Emacs/vi hooks or inotify for things that run only in certain circumstances.

There are these small flies in my new apartment. I'm learning how to grab & kill them with one hand. 🥋

In other news, Ankara is a very beautiful city and I'm loving it. But it has its own... err... idiosyncrasies, lemme say.

I mean who the heck decided it was a good idea to only number bus stops with 5 place numbers and omit names on the signs?

And why do I need to go to Kızılay first, to the north of me, and switch, in order to go somewhere to the southwest of me?

KYK kredisinin yarısından fazlası devletin kasasına geri gidiyor; ulaşım, eğitim harcamaları, KDV, ve ÖTV gibi kalemlerle.

Ama mezun olduktan sonra tüm parayı geri ödüyoruz, bir de Yİ-ÜFE faiziyle.

Yani, KYK kredisinin faizi %50+Yİ-ÜFE oluyor, iyimser bir hesapla.

@isagalaev Thanks! It's taking a lot of learning and labour, but it's coming together and slowly feels like home.

is a translation of Don Quixote by Tom Lathrop, from Alpha Classics.

It was recommended on an online forum I used to frequent. A wonderful translation with many notes that explain even the most obscure stuff.

And the text itself is nothing like a classic: flows very well and is so much fun to read!

What is the book in your backpack (or on your desk, etc.)?

@iiv well it depends on the instance, e.g. the one @acdw is on is a writer's one. I'm sure there's one that's focused on readership tho IDK of one; SDF is a rather techie place.

It could all take place around a hashtag too, tho; like e.g. .

The 4th day they did set up my gas, but then the heating wouldn't work b/c it needed to be serviced first so that it's adjusted, they said. The guy came 8pm and it was all done then.

Today is the 5th day & I was finally able to take a shower for the first time in my new home. Two days ago I had to book a bed at a hostel to do that...


Moving is hard, I learned.

The gas company first didn't give me gas b/c I hadn't installed the oven yet. I brought one from back home. Well, I couldn't, the movers were late a day, so with lots of rushing, it was ready for my appointment the next day.

On the 3rd day of my arrival at many new home at my new city, the gas guy came, didn't like the papers the handyman left, and fucking disappeared. 5min later I got the papers ready, but I had to renew my appointment.


I get that y'all sit around dreaming of the 90's hating Microsoft and pretend Google is some kinda spy agency but...

Can we focus on destroying Facebook for awhile? They are openly admitting they want to help shady politicians lie globally. They're openly admitting their unprecedented ad targeting should be used for politics. Their founder is now admitting that Facebook has a material advantage if they influence the elections away from even modestly leftist policies.

They're not a hypothetical harm. They're not an abstract harm. They're not just collecting highly personal data on a global scale and probably aware of your family graph on a level no other company can match, but *they're openly admitting they're part of political misinformarion*. They helped analytics firms game the Brexit and US2016 election.

This is the means of communication, folks. Either we seize it or we destroy it. Option 3 is that Facebook is a government propaganda system for hire contracting itself out to every would-be despot in the globe, tactically tilting the scales everywhere to maximize the influence of unrestricted capitalism.

The ' Ask for PDFs' facebook group made a super useful flowchart to finding articles and books for free.

I use pull to refresh maybe ten times a day. At least four times it's me trying to scroll to the top of a listing.

Together with the booby trap that is the floating action button, it's one of the few touch UI components that I more often trigger accidentally than intentionally.

Why wouldn't more app devs include an option to disable these features in their apps? Surely this is also an accessibility concern.

@erkin Interop, e.g. FFI, embedding in other programs, POSIX support, non-POSIX OS support (Un*x-specific, Win32/NT-specific). Tho that could better be split into two as Interop and Portability/OS feature availability.

I'm not good at not wasting time when using computers.

I was redoing my bullet journal (I tried to go back to Org again...), so I opened up my computer to copy over new tasks I added there to my notebook.

And now I'm on mastodon since 10 minutes, written a few toots, checking out an article I found on my feed, and meta-procrastinating ATM tooting about my procrastination...

@codesections Oh, sorry then!

I've noticed such trend, especially in HN I guess, back when I was active there. There are people who believe CS researchers don't really do anything useful, and that the programming they do isn't "real programming".

@codesections I'm not a fan of this antagonising academia meme in programmer circles. If anything, that xkcd tells that work in industry can be abusive.

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