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Okular is the best reader. Evince could've been better, but tools are hard to discover. I need a whole variety of annotation tools. Okular gives me all, accessibly. Keybindings are also fully customisable. A nice assortment of text and table selection tools available. All of this there in menus, toolbars, and bound to keys. No cryptic UI.

It only misses autosave, and one other thing that I can't remember right now. is unavailable due to "legal reasons". The illegal thing probably being *linking to* SciHub given that was the whole purpose of the thing.

Wombat is a lovely theme from ' defaults, but I don't like its colours for headlines. Here is a nicer scheme:

(let ((colours ["yellow green" "khaki" "dark sea green" "light sea green" "steel blue" "slate blue" "orchid" "hotpink"]))
(dotimes (i 7)
(let ((face (intern (format "org-level-%d" (1+ i)))))
(set-face-attribute face nil :foreground (aref colours i)))))

> The major projects are open source, and usually when an open-source project misbehaves, we’re able to to fork them to offer an alternative. -- @sir (

Forking aside, compiling Firefox or Chromium is an ordeal. Last time I checked--a few years ago---FF sources were a 600Mb tarball. Chromium has ungodly build requirements. When I asked people told me to rent a few hours from a cloud provider...

I can't not add this. Sincerely sorry for dragging it on.

Replies I got from /r/firefox. The guy that replies with a pure arrogant snark gets 5 upvotes, the guy that answers my question (how to truly disable updates) gets two downvotes.


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installed an update even tho I had clicked "not now" a couple hours earlier...

Your options are either auto-install updates or have it ask you beforehand which is what I had chosen, but still it just installed it in the background despite me not having consented to update it.

I was planning to not update until next ESR release, and I can't downgrade b/c that means my profile is nuked.🤬 🤬 🤬

Late Tombili was a friendly cat that sat reclining on the pavement, enjoying the street with fellow humans. She died in 2016. There is a statue of her in Ziverbey, Kadikoy, Istanbul (somewhere near Nazim Hikmet Kultur Merkezi, IIRC).

What seems to be on HST on Ankara-Istanbul line, Turkey.

Sorry for the low quality photo, I didn't get a chance to shoot another one.

Google and Amazon are now in the oil business

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are teaming up with Big Oil to squeeze more oil and gas out of the ground using machine learning technology.

I need to determine the place of accent for ~280 words. This script pops up a pitch analysis of each word and a little dialog (see scrcap) which let's me choose the syllable. It then outputs the name of the recording and a symbol denoting the place of stress/accent in CSV form (later to be processed into a table: participant+gender x place of stress).

Manually doing that requires using a Calc spreadsheet & >=12 keystrokes&clicks, including switching apps 2 times.

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And here is a first couple scrs of my little ugly baby.

All I need is to get settings dialogue and the tray indicator sorted, and a bit of housekeeping. Then it's ready for a release.

I wanna keep it as barebones as possible, and the indicator will help get even this tiny window away from your sight. I've already hooked up notifications, so the window is only needed for interaction, but the indicator menu will double for that.

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Mr. Long Nape looking at LibreOffice, on This relevant (!) image is displayed 12 times smaller than the original size on my 15.6" display. If it was 12 times smaller, it'd be 297Kb instead of 3.5Mb.

Thank god with uBlock Origin you can restrict media downloads. I block downlads larger than 1Mb.

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