And here is a first couple scrs of my little ugly baby.

All I need is to get settings dialogue and the tray indicator sorted, and a bit of housekeeping. Then it's ready for a release.

I wanna keep it as barebones as possible, and the indicator will help get even this tiny window away from your sight. I've already hooked up notifications, so the window is only needed for interaction, but the indicator menu will double for that.

Mr. Long Nape looking at LibreOffice, on This relevant (!) image is displayed 12 times smaller than the original size on my 15.6" display. If it was 12 times smaller, it'd be 297Kb instead of 3.5Mb.

Thank god with uBlock Origin you can restrict media downloads. I block downlads larger than 1Mb.

Derya Akkaynak, "an oceangoing engineer", has created an algorithm that removes water from underwater images. Resulting images look exactly like how they'd look if the objects were to be brought to land and photographed there.

I applied the following userstyle to, looks nicer IMHO:

body {
width: 80%;
margin: auto;
.comment-text {
font-family: Serif;

So, I end up on XFCE4 on Debian Testing again. It's just the most complete, configurable, and standards-abiding DE out there.

Bluebird theme for controls and Blackbird for the window decorations. Standard Xubuntu stuff there.

Just switched to Mate: decided to stop implementing a half-arsed DE with i3 and friends. Pretty cool so far!

I sure desire to see the notice for the availability of the RadioPublic app.

It is ridiculous to imagine I might want to learn the time remaining in the pocast I am listening to.

User hostile design on a podcast episode that talks about hostile design (which is actually great otherwise:

Just started using LeechBlock on Firefox to deal with procrastination. Settings attached. Basically, I allow myself an hour of browsing the listed websites between 8pm-midnight, Sun-Fri, except checking notifications from these websites. The other screenshot is what you see when a URL is blocked.

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