Almost. I need to add a couple days from the academic calendar, but except that, all my agenda is in the notebook now.

A few "spreadshots" below, read alt text for more.

Little trick. I don't like how habits show up in the agenda, with a big bulky progress bar. So I wrote this hacky little advice to use dashes and invert the colours like in the screenshot.

(define-advice org-habit-build-graph
(:filter-return (ret) dashes-not-spaces)
"Invert colours, more readable like that.

I.e., foreground is coloured, instead of the background."
for i from 0 to (1- (length ret))
with replacement = '()

;; [1/2]

Irregular reminder that and are not there for us.

+ Changes default search engine to Yandex on every update for 🇷🇺 and 🇹🇷 despite it being a tool of an oppressive authoritarian regime:

+ Pushes Pocket ads into the browser even if you disable it (see the pocket screenshot, "Messages from Firefox")

+ Shamelessly hijacks the url bar in a various ways (see other screenshot for a new way I just found out about)

We _really_ need better browsers.

Played around with i3wm's colours , set up a wallpaper slide show with proper i3lock that picks up the current background , added Xmonad-like autotiling to a couple workspaces , and fixed some other kinks in my setup.

All in all, this ended up becoming a very pleasant on setup.

Look at this screenshot from their very own release notes.

Notice the lack of a scrollbar on the preferences modal of nautilus.

Now I'm looking at the same modal on virtualbox. There's another page of settings.

Notice that unless you read the text, there's no indication that there's more settings below the fold, except the extremely subtle scrollbar that disappears in about a second after mouse moves.

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Fiddling around with the Fedora beta now.

I'm having a hard time noticing what's new, apart from the activities screen.

I don't get why things are ellipsised. I tried with 1024x768 and 1360x768, and app names are ellipsised, but there's room for complete names. Why do I need to hover on each one of them individually?

Other than that, what was on the right column, the workspace list, is not on the top row, and the favourites list has moved from left to bottom. Which is an improvement, I guess.

Look at this shitty little snippet of cringe I just got, from Mr.

Judging from the to-address, it seems like this was sent to the signatories of the RMS open letter.

You might want to check your Inbox and maybe report this person through

Clock app on my phone needs an EULA and a Privacy Policy.

Maybe the saddest thing is all this bullshit eventually leads to nothing but a pyramid scheme.

is a fraudulent racket. Criminalise ad tech!

Did some measurements, not as dramatic but does make a difference.

Had it sit with cooler on for 10 min, then with cooler off for another 10 min, reading temperature once every 10 seconds.

With cooler on mean heat is 40.7C with an sd of 0.49, with cooler off it's 44.1 with sd 1.2.

There was no extraordinary load throughout these measurements. This runs Raspbian headless, with cups server, scand and sshd. Measurement command is

ssh pi@ayata.local vcgencmd measure_temp

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I've found an external laptop cooler tray thingy tucked away in my room, and repurposed is as a cooler for my .

Look at the picture at your own peril, it looks awful, but I just read ~40C which if my memory isn't corrupted is an improvement of ~10C, so nothing to sneeze at.

I think I should make a case for this whole thing tho. There are a bazillion RPi cases online for peanuts but they are mostly 3D printed crap that don't even fit the IO of the advertised device...

In the screenshot below you see me hovering my mouse over an icon on a Debian Stable Gnome 3 Live Image launchpad thing. It's in a VM so it's low res and app names are ellipsised. Thing is, it doesn't show tooltips with full names.

Is it just a VM thing or is this how it behaves normally?

Made a little cheat sheet for natural classes. The image below is a screen cap of the PDF, .org and .tex sources here:

Couldn't upload the PDF to the gist, but to generate from .tex, use

latexmk -f -silent -bibtex-cond -xelatex NaturalClasses.tex

Mozilla won't stop spamming me. Last week I was frustrated enough to just go ahead and untick all the boxes on their subscription management page, and look what I got: more spam.

And I can't find a way to properly report this on their website. It's literally worse than "contact" pages of Amazon or other shitty e commerce companies, second maybe only to Google.

(Delete&redraft for privacy, really sorry about that...)

The progress of World Wide Web is amazing! We're almost catching up with early 2000s porn sites!

Look at these shitty daily routine posters I made!

I made one for the wall behind the monitor and one for the wall across the bed, in hopes that it'll help me establish the tiniest of routines in my life.

These sort of things are snake oil-y a bit but sometimes they do work, whether through shame or reminding.

Now I'm good at snaking my way around both of those but time will tell.

The results of the localisation poll from yesterday is pretty interesting. I though I was in a smaller minority that uses English locales despite it not being one's native language. But turns out, a lot of people do similarly, and only ~10% of non-English-native people use l10n in their first languages.

I guess there are multiple ways to interpret this but in any case it's really interesting.

I had more sympathy for my personal website when I used

It was kinda fragile and hacky but I loved that bunch of scripts.

About 2015 I used that one to make my uncle's tile business a portfolio website and everyone loved it. Take that, React! 😜 (business is defunct but I've some scrs, attached).

Then I made It was basically a prototype of a Hakyll like thing in Ruby. That was cuter tho.

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