I applied the following userstyle to tildes.net, looks nicer IMHO:

body {
width: 80%;
margin: auto;
.comment-text {
font-family: Serif;

So, I end up on XFCE4 on Debian Testing again. It's just the most complete, configurable, and standards-abiding DE out there.

Bluebird theme for controls and Blackbird for the window decorations. Standard Xubuntu stuff there.

Just switched to Mate: decided to stop implementing a half-arsed DE with i3 and friends. Pretty cool so far!

I sure desire to see the notice for the availability of the RadioPublic app.

It is ridiculous to imagine I might want to learn the time remaining in the pocast I am listening to.

User hostile design on a podcast episode that talks about hostile design (which is actually great otherwise: hiphination.org/complete-seaso)

Just started using LeechBlock on Firefox to deal with procrastination. Settings attached. Basically, I allow myself an hour of browsing the listed websites between 8pm-midnight, Sun-Fri, except checking notifications from these websites. The other screenshot is what you see when a URL is blocked.

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