What Turkish National Corpus tnc.org.tr/ wants to know before allowing you to access.

I wonder why they don't also ask my height, weight, blood type, size of my genitals and the colour of my eyes. Given these are just as relevant as my gender or address in this form.

Behold my three little musketeers: a Seagate 1TB HDD (black), a random cheapo 2600mHa power brick I found in a drawer (white&green), and the naked Raspberry Pi 3B peeking from in between the two (tho its silly little jacket is on its way). The hdd and the powerbank are stabilised with some glue tack onto the shelf they rest on.

Fear me now, Google!

Navarro, Danielle. Learning Statistics with R. p. 330

Thinking of hypothesis testing as a criminal trial. Pretty good analogy imo.

I think I got a neat org agenda setup this time.

Or maybe it's because the semester is not on yet so I don't have any scheduled items or deadlines.

This was somewhat inspired by reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/is, with some code taken from there. My setup's source available at: github.com/cadadr/configuratio

6 looks line a nice binsize for age: roughly 0-6 are infants, 6-12 are prepubescent kids, 12-18 are adolescents, 18-24 are university age, 24-32 are young adults, which is IMHO some nice detail. Also, 32-48 early middle aged, 48-64 older and 64+ elderly; but after "university age" and maybe "young adults", categories are a bit more cloudy.

The graph below is using data from code.datasciencedojo.com/datas See how esp. bars 3 and 4 are affected.

Minimak layout: minimak.org/

Swaps around the positions of D, T, E and K. Claims to provide 60% of the benefits of switching to Dvorak, and a possibility to incrementally go from QWERTY to Dvorak.

Tweet from Georgia Person (@andishehnouraee) Georgia Person (@andishehnouraee) Tweeted: In just 15 days the total number of cases in Georgia is up 49%, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the state’s data visualization map of cases. The first map is July 2. The second is today. Do you see a 50% case increase? Can you spot how they’re hiding it? 1/ t.co/wAgFRmtrPk (twitter.com/andishehnouraee/st)

Isn't this beautiful, when compared to Firefox's about:config and even about:preferences! All the options, all documented. A sight long gone in mainstream application development.

Trump endorsing "Goya" products in the oval office.

Apparently because their CEO praised him.

Good boi, Trump, good boi!

Another terrible website is this conference anouncement. Look at the scrollbar.

The first screenful is effectively empty, and just below a little paragraph of essential info which spans the entire width of the display port and is basically the only thing of use in the page apart from the links.

So I just got an unsolicited marketing email from , about picture in picture feature.

You're getting there, Mozilla. Almost there...

Spotify uses up ~1/5 of the width of the Linux desktop app to tell me I should "find out what my friends are playing".

Apart from the question that why would I care and why I couldn't just ask them, why do I have to see an ad--and this large of an ad--as a paying customer?

When you pay companies like YouTube or Spotify you expect to no longer see ads, but instead they just use the most of the freed up ad space for themselves and that's somehow "not ads", I guess...

There's white supreme, white supremer, (or "more white supreme", if you're a bit on the pedantic side), and then there's white supremest.

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Had guests in the garden today. One had a piece of paper stuck to its neck, but didn't let me come close enough to remove it.

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