Can you inform me a bit about moving accounts?

Do followers move automatically? I think followees will inevitably receive follow notifications / reqs, but followers won't have to do anything, right?

And, can you somehow transfer over blocklists and/or toots? Via import/export maybe?

Yes. 😎

Yes, you transfer your posts with export and import. Yes, your followers move automatically. They and you do not have to do anything.

(No idea about blocks, I think when this account moved I did not have blocks yet.)

After moving you can no longer toot at the old account. So I made one last toot there to announce that the account moved. I guess that is not necessary. The account profile explains this as well. Maybe it is helpful if your name also changes.

@OpenScienceFeed Thanks a lot! Really helpful.

If blocks can't be moved that's sad, but the instance I'm considering has a great block list, so I might not need it.

@cadadr In my experience it mostly seemed to work, including blocks and mutes, though there seem to have been some follows / followers and such that didn't carry.

One thing that doesn't seem to track is other accounts which have blocked you, so that profiles I knew I'd been blocked by hadn't blocked my new profile. (Several of these eventually did, though I may be unware of others.)

I'd say it's 95%+ successful, but keep an eye out for issues.

@cadadr Export/import is a good Plan B strategy.

Note that large numbers of actions may be rate-limited, either taking time to complete or not completing.

It may also be that locked accounts won't automatically re-follow a new profile. I'm not sure of this though I have suspicions.

@dredmorbius Thanks a lot!

Chances are we'll be fediverse neighbours on then! Testing it out, fells like a really neat instance.

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