"RMS addresses the free software community" fsf.org/news/rms-addresses-the

> It was right for me to talk about the injustice to Minsky, but it was tone-deaf that I didn't acknowledge as context the injustice that Epstein did to women or the pain that caused.

"Statement of FSF board on election of [RMS]" fsf.org/news/statement-of-fsf-

> The FSF board will continue to pursue additional ideas and actions designed to improve transparency and accountability.

Looks like neither the board nor RMS resigns.

IDK how to be positive about this anymore.

Both of the statements are defences of wrongdoing, no apology, no fucks given.

IMHO it's safe now to say that FSF is RMS' little toy house and it's a lost cause, and we're in urgent need of a replacement, or better, some replacements.

@cadadr For me its clear. I won't contribute to any GNU project (haven't really done so far, so it isn't really a threat but the whole club is dead to me).

@holger IDK, AFAIK many GNU maintainers are not on FSF's side in this, but I also share the same feeling of.. alienation, let me say. For now I'll be watching how individual projects react and act accordingly.

I really hope at least Emacs and Guix people react harshly, maybe fork or something. I don't want to dump Emacs over this, but if it comes to that, I'm no stranger to hjkl 😜️


"The work done to make it impossible to steal GCC code was a success: nobody is even interested in stealing it now. There is an easier option."


@be Hmm, kinda looked like an alternate channel for some GNU maintainers to me. Is this an official channel of GNU/FSF?

@cadadr It's the infrastructure they recently set up independent of the FSF.

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