organisation, org mode, bullet journal 

I'm entertaining the idea of going back to bullet journalling.

Org agenda is nice, but a few drawbacks:

- sync sucks, only viable on the computer
- thus, gotta open the computer the first thing in the morning
- I've many windows and a few workspaces, so the agenda gets lost
- automation means the ritual part is gone, which actually was a very helpful effect
- links in agenda are fine but I seldom use them and not unreplicable with bujo


organisation, org mode, bullet journal 

Org is always my main undisputed notetaking system but I feel like the ROI with agenda is low, maybe negative even...


organisation, org mode, bullet journal 

I also really miss the feeling of writing on paper...


organisation, org mode, bullet journal 

@cadadr i've tried really hard using something else other than bullet journal but... I dunno, it works really well for me too.

I've settled for a task manager (todoist, in my case, because I can't graps emacs at all. hahaha) for recurring tasks and some projects and bullet journaling for pontual tasks and stuff.

I'ts been working pretty well for me.

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