WTF is this?

CW for link: police brutality, a lot of police brutality.

Police is not great in many countries, but friends in the US apparently have it _sooo_ much worse.


In the US, I genuinely fear the police, despite having all the chips in my favor in terms of being a man, presenting as white, etc. I worry.

The attitude of many security people in the US is an "us vs them" mentality that makes every encounter scary.

@emacsen Yeah, and it scares me too now as my brother's coming around for work and travel (it's a dumb idea in and of itself IMO but what do I do, the guys determined to take a nice whiff of aggressive capitalism up close 🤷‍♂️), and I'm worried what might happen if he has an encounter with the police there... Or needs medical aid...


Let's also contextualize this though.

Many Europeans say that they expected coming into the US, they would encounter shootings, brutal police, racial crimes, etc. but this is not the case.

The fact is that while many American institutions are in need of reform or replacement, it's unlikely that anyone, especially a visitor, will encounter them except possibly at the airport when going through customs.

@emacsen Thank you, that's relieving. I know my worries are mostly silly (I mean every country has shit in the end), but the Trump era bombardment of news kinda made me very wary about US sadly. Guess for many people like me it's too much to handle at once when you're used to another, utopian image of the country, and that leads to overreaction...

@cadadr You'd think living in a police state would have some perks, but I guess the police here are too busy beating the daylights out of minority gtoups to prevent trailer bombings, mass shootings, or Capitol insurrections.

@faoluin It totally depends on who you are. I too live in a police state and it's sure fun if you're one of the kleptocrats or their friends, or a right wing asshole. The rest of us plebeians only get to experience the down side of those suck-up-and-kick-down-bois.

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