Children and young people are always growing and changing. Parents, however, sometimes need to take the effort to grow with them. #parenting

A lot of parents seem stuck with their idea of who they want their child to be, or who they remember the child as--often as a literal baby, helpless and dependent, so easy to project the parents' hopes and perceptions on.

I kind of get why parents don't forget their children's very young childhoods, I think? It really is a precious and unforgettable time, when you're bonding with this brand-new being soul to soul as you get to know each other. It's a time of unbearable sweetness that will never come again, because no matter how many children or grandchildren you have that particular child will only be young once. No wonder it leaves an indelible mark in the parent as well as the child.

@ljwrites IMO part of it is that the parent(s) think of the child as some sort of artefact that they build, form, and with luck, release into Life, as their little work of art. They probably bring in a lot of dreams, plans, wishes and preconceptions about what a good family and nice happy kids are into their parenting. But when your little sculpture grabs the hammer and the chisel themselves, it's hard to put down one's vision for their little chef-d'oeuvre, and share or yield the authorship.

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