Anybody know how to set the thickness/height of a highlight annotation in poppler?

I wish to modify pdf-tools in emacs to produce thinner highlights, but can't seem to find how to set that in poppler.

Boost welcome.

really IDK why people use this library.

mailing list is dead. there's no docs (no, docstrings do not a proper documentation make), there's nothing.

crazy when you think about it, someone just wrote and tossed out this library, and some other people, multiple, figured it out from docstrings and made proper apps with it. or I've been unable to find something that everyone else knows of, in the last year.

kinda telling of why GTK based PDF readers are lackluster when it comes to annotations etc.

@cadadr Lip lizards are the hot new fashion trend. All the cool cats are wearing them now.

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