Hello dear academic journal or publisher,

if you wish to spam us about diversity, equality, and similar,

maybe adopt full open access first so people you want to be inclusive of can afford to read the science without other people risking their lives for us to gain access to it.

Yours truly,


@cadadr why do we even with academic journals anymore

@be That's an eventual goal but it'll be an incremental process.

Hopefully maybe within a decade we see a move from cathedral to bazaar in scientific publishing.

@cadadr How about an ActivityPub application for scientific publications?

@be IIRC I had heard about such a project, but I'm not sure.

Problem is being notified of publications is a small part of it and is easily solvable, activitypub, rss etc.

What will need adapting is the peer review process. There are proposals and advancements in that regard, and a good rabbit hole is cos.io/ to find out more about it.

Tech will adapt and change, fairly easily at that, but the more important bit is cultural and institutional change, which takes time.

@be "Science advances one funeral at a time" kinda situation...

@cadadr How is peer review done now? Emailing MS Word documents back and forth?

@be Depends on the field, the journal, the peers, but pretty much files flowing through the journal b/w anon reviewers and anon authors is the default AFACIT (mind that I'm only a master's student, so I'm only reporting reported experience of my profs and what I read others say they do). More computery fields seem to be a bit more sophisticated sometimes.

There's more to it than PR tho. The prestige of venues you publish at and the number of articles you publish through them is an important


@be variable in an academics job security, let alone success.

There are some counterproductive power dynamics in research, and publishing is one of the most important ones of those. People are working towards not only fixing some processes but also towards dismantling these and liberating academia from money grabs like scientific publishing, and ethically problematic patterns like publish/perish, sexism, ecclesiastical hierarchies, etc. A mixture of medieval universities & capitalism...


@cadadr Seems ripe for technology dedicated to the purpose to improve the workflow from emailing files back and forth.

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