If you use Zotero you might want to go to the Addons manager and from the cogwheel menu on top right (fuck, talking about GUIs is like asking for addresses now...) uncheck the automatic updates checkbox.

That's stop continuous delivery of bugs to you.

You might also want to stop using Zotero. I don't know you but I really really want to. 💢

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@cadadr yeah I've used Zotero for years and must have spent hundreds of hours entering data and writing notes, and it got me through my thesis process in one piece, but now I'm thinking of how to migrate to Org Mode or adjacent system.

@ljwrites There are and In my case I probably won't have time to do it before completing my thesis but after that I'm jumping ship too. It breaks often and slows me down a lot.

@cadadr Yeah even though I don't remember significant breakages with Zotero (maybe the bugs are more recent, or their Mac client is better--another reason to move now that I'm on Linux) it was annoying to fill in all those fiddly text boxes. I'll have to look seriously into these systems, particularly at how they implement notes since notes are more important to me these days than citation formats.

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