Re: that last boost, subtoot-ishing because IDK how on topic this is.

I've watched a lot of Richard Wolff lately and I love learning about workplace democracy. Coop-ifying and unionising the economy is unequivocally good.

But the one problem here is that a lot of these solutions are mostly labour based, and seems to take it granted that in a just world there's good work for everyone.

Is it so? Should it be so? Or should our livelihoods be detached from income and labour? Is this sustainable?

I can understand how just labour is cheaper because you only need a margin in order to receive income, not margin+surplus so that the equal-er pigs are well fed.

We could have save 20hr work weeks, divide the work up, and have just housing and markets that drive down the costs of survival and living.

But would we have enough work for everyone after all that?

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