Fediverse, what's your favourite server?

I'm kinda testing the waters with this now and I'm really liking it.

Currently I'm testing locally with jetforce as it was the easiest to install.

BTW if you have info docs tutorials on
a) how to export to HTML in order to run a WWW replica?
b) how to best set up a public server?
c) what hosting service is your fav?
d) anything else you might deem useful to a newcomer
it's most appreciated.

Boosts welcome.

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@cadadr exporting to HTML... for myself, I'll probably just redirect to smth like or host my own small gate

@metalune I thought about that but I'd like to minimise the number of processes I run and maximise the amount of static content as a principle.

Tho judging from how kineto is implemented it should be a pretty simple thing to do.

my 2cts:
I really like gmnisrv because it is very light (to host on a raspberrypi), easy to install and support multiple host if one day I need it. But I'm sure there are others good as well.

a/ look at the awesome-gemini repo on github, I believe there are some tools for that.

b/ same as web I'd say. Either selfhost at home or on a cheap server online. Gemini will not need heavy load.

I haven't used enough servers to really have a favorite but I've been using and it was simple to install and run and just does the thing it's supposed to do reliably. I've also heard people like agate.

@cadadr Oh and this is a good place to start for finding various tools and software for gemini.

@kelbot This is great! I only knew of the listing on, thanks a lot!

@cadadr as far as server software goes I use stargazer. But I wrote it so I might be biased 😅.


@cadadr I've installed @kensanata 's lupa-pona as it was the easiest to install ^_^

I am hosting it on a Raspberry Pi
but it is very ephemeral

@cadadr I run Phoebe as a wiki and it serves web pages, too. I use it with “wiki spaces” so I’d be happy to set you up if you wanted to.

@kensanata Thanks! I want to go with a personal server with this one, and tuck on some other stuff like cgit (because I bought "" on a whim yesterday, and now I need to deal with the binge-buyer's guilt somehow 😂) (but also I really need something I can call homepage and my current one has drifted away from such a thing).

@kensanata I think of .space as both relating to a personal space and the Space, so it's doubly pretty. There was also a discount and that was the 🍒 on top.

I used to be such a space geek back when I was a kid. Everyone expected I'd grow up to be an astrophysicist or an astronomer.

That curiosity got me into a lot of pickle (usual-ish prodigy kid story) but 15 years later I ended up doing a full circle and found myself at the other side of science 😂

@cadadr i use gmnisrv for native gemini hosting.

for my html mirror ( i use a modified version of hubbz's awk script (gemini:// on a cron job every 10 minutes. my versions:

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