What the F*** is #Microsoft doing in my Pi's apt sources list. This is some bitter irony - I use this almost exclusively for #Pihole. I was wondering what all the hype was about recently and now it's clear. Where can I find out more about why this has happened and what, if anything, is being done about it?

#bigtech #raspberrypi #debian #linux #surveillancecapitalism

@selea Yeah, that's probably the sad truth: it comes down to money. I really didn't expect this sort of thing to happen, but it just goes to show seemingly the most principled groups out there can drop a bombshell like this.

@syntax @selea Their rationale is they wanted to distribute VS Code specifically and they couldn't distribute it otherwise. VSCodium wouldn't cut it bc some proprietrary Microsoft extensions aren't supported.

Personally I don't care about "what's behind this" bc in and of itself, it's very sloppy maintenance, terrible response to community, and really, TIMTOWDI. I'd be pretty pissed even if this was some GNU repo. It's bad to sneakily add third party binary package repos regardless of source.

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