uspol (-ish), sad 

This whole reality of the US, school shootings, is incredibly shocking and sad every time I see something about it.

When I was in K12 we did drills for fires and earthquakes. For one year I read at one of the worst high schools in Turkey, in one of the toughest districts of Istanbul. All we had was one stabbing and a couple fights. Which was an absolute shocker even in that school.

Whatever is wrong with these people, I hope the US somehow fixes this.


uspol (-ish), sad 

Lil story. In that school, once a stoned dumbo fly kicked me out of the blue. I was friends with some of the "tough guys" and they, wait for it, knew to de-escalate instead. All that was hurt that day was my jacket, which we went on to clean.

And this is back when we were all 9th graders.

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