I broke my 16 gauge when turing because I didn’t understand that you are supposed to tune CCW. What happened righty tighty lefty loosy? I think I could salvage the other strings.

Also it reminded me how much I just hate playing on metal strings sans pick. I have thumb picks but I haven’t gotten the hang of using them. They’re a little bit too big.


@Sandra Whenever I tried them thumb picks felt like I'm playing after a liter of vodka. They are very hard to be accurate with.

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But if they’re good enough for Baez they’re good enough for me I guess♥

@Sandra Oh alright I had a slip of a mind there and though about them little thingies you put on other fingers too for a moment amazon.co.uk/METAL-FINGER-PICK

@cadadr Yeah, mine looks like the thumb pick in that Amazon image, big blade on the side. I wish there was a small blade under the thumb instead. Maybe ¾ of the way to the left (or ¼ of the way from the left) rather than centered.

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