"Open source technologies provide an important opportunity for our country to have an independent and secure information infrastructure." Learn how the Eyüpsultan Municipality in Turkey migrated to LibreOffice and Linux, and the benefits they gained: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl


@libreoffice Ahh, the good ol Pardus. Was such a beautiful thing before it was shelved first then revived as a Debian spinoff. Back when TUBITAK was only talked of as an institution for science, and when every aspect of our civil life was not compromised.

You can't know how nostalgic that lil kitty logo can make a nerdy Turkish 00's script kiddie... Hope nobody else will ever know.

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@cadadr @libreoffice I know ya fellz bruh ❤️ 😻 🤩 👍 eskiden pardus gentoo tabanli idi, simdi dedigin gibi bir debian spinoffu

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