Is more suitable as a than R*RS standard Schemes?

I want to toy with some statistics stuff. Implement things from mean, sumsq, &c up to maybe a few tests.

@cadadr racket is good as a scheme. I personally prefer gnu #guile when it comes to schemes.

Overall I got a bit disillusioned by schemes, so maybe consider Common Lisps?

@holger @cadadr i've heard of people running Racket stuff in production… it just feels so wild to go from DrRacket to … well, what ever it produces!

@hirojin @holger That's kinda what makes me hesitate, there's this toy language reputation.

@holger I kinda want something small and easy to learn, interactive, and functional. Common Lisp is nice, but it feels somewhat large to learn on my little spare time.

Also Scheme has a full numerical tower which is attractive. I like that I can use real numbers without extra syntax and coercing.

@holger I like guile but what confuses me w.r.t scheme is the compatibility problem, i.e. I can't make out if what I write in Guile will run on other implementations. Racket feels a bit more complete with the module system, Scribble, larger core in general, and nice comprehensive docs (AFAIU).

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