I think I got a neat org agenda setup this time.

Or maybe it's because the semester is not on yet so I don't have any scheduled items or deadlines.

This was somewhat inspired by reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/is, with some code taken from there. My setup's source available at: github.com/cadadr/configuratio

@cadadr Neat! Thanks for sharing the config behind it. What does this line do in the context of the agenda? `(gk-turn-on-outline-minor-mode "^[A-Z] " " :$" "C-'"))`

@EFLS No problem!

It's a simple wrapper to turn on outline-minor-mode. With it you can move by sections (C-' C-n, C-' C-p), fold them (C-' C-c, C-' C-e), &c.

If you'll copy the setup, do check out the latest version of it on master, it's a two window setup where it puts the long unsorted TODO list in a split window so the agenda is a bit more clearer.

@cadadr Thanks for the explanation. I've got an elaborate setup relying on org-ql already, and am using origami-mode for folding, but it might be a good idea to switch to outline-mode

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