Isn't this beautiful, when compared to Firefox's about:config and even about:preferences! All the options, all documented. A sight long gone in mainstream application development.

It's dropping some keypresses very occasionally tho and that's not nice. If I'll use this maybe I should hook this up with emacsclient tho so it pops up a frame with a temporary text-mode buffer for text boxes.

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I really want to switch to another browser from FF but I don’t want to use anything Chromium-based, which basically rules out almost all interesting browsers.

If Gecko was easily embeddable I’d go and make my own browser rather than using something Chromium, but it’s not, so I’m stuck with FF.

Servo and/or NetSurf can’t progress soon enough…

@me QuteBrowser is based on QtWebEngine, but it can use QtWebKit fork too.

Frankly I doubt we'll ever see a viable, embeddable web platform other than WebKit and its descendants, so long as a big foundation like GNU doesn't do something. It's a *huge* effort. IMHO using WebKit and trying to democratise it is the way to go.


If only the web didn't eat everything at this alarming rate, so smaller engines could keep up with everything.

> so long as a big foundation like GNU doesn't do something

I'm not sure if GNU, or even some other, bigger foundation can do something today. Even Mozilla is failing to keep Firefox up-to-date with whatever Google decides to shove into the web. And creating yet another engine is now impossible, as demonstrated by Servo and it's incomplete state.

I actually did some research on embedding Gecko some time ago, and found out that the Sailfish OS people are still maintaining EmbedLite and various Qt components to deal with it. The only problems I can see are: (a) Sparse to no documentation about usage, they seem to only intend to use it for themselves, and (b) No idea how up-to-date they keep their fork. If only they released the embedding parts as a regular patchset.

> IMHO using WebKit and trying to democratise it is the way to go.

WebKit is definitely better than Chromium as IIRC it doesn't have any "Google Bloat" while still being compatible with the modern web to some extent.

@me @cadadr the Android-Components project is working on making GeckoView easily to use to build your own browser.

i wonder how much of that comes back to desktop land…


I hope they actually take the desktop embedding case into account and not just stop when Fenix goes stable.

@hirojin @me After what went down with XUL, I have no trust in Mozilla for platforms.

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