Replaced the backup hard disc that died

I felt antsy only having one copy of a lot of my old files, and it's good to know they're in two places now

Crass language; Techbros 

I wish big tech companies were institutions that I could use in good conscience and trust

Imagine if you could use Google Drive for sensitive research data, or personal stuff

But I gotta go out and buy hard drives and replace them every few years as they die myself, rather than benefit from this massive organization that could easily handle all those sorts of details

All because the techbros shit the bed and built an evil empire rather than a decent public utility


Crass language; Techbros 

@bgcarlisle Techies are the mercenaries of this colonial war on users. The warlords are venture capitalists and ad networks. The moment they touch a company, any resemblance of good will is murdered (e.g. Cisco).

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