Mid 20s guy from .

Doing an MA in . Wannabe researcher. Currently interested in language variation and construction grammar.

I've a long standing interest in and . Never really became a professional thing, but who knows...

This is a general personal account, so it's eveything goes. That may include rants on , and less frequently, on .

@cadadr Also in #linguistics. But I don't really work on construction grammar sort of things. Language variation is within my area though.

@emacsomancer Initially what got me into pursuing linguistics was variation and contact, more specifically I was interested in stratal structure of Turkishes of Turkey. But as I learned more I got more intrigued in more general processes both in variation and language in general.

CxG looks promising. I'm only recently starting to deepen my understanding of it, but it looks like a good next step for understanding language knowledge and capacity. Definitely better than Chomskyan approaches IMO.

@cadadr Lots of interesting language contact phenomena in the region of Turkey as well.

I have some passing familiarity with CxG due to an interest in idiomatic expressions, snowclones, &c. But I'm more dubious about its insights at a low level. But then again I'm trained as a Chomskian.

@emacsomancer I'd be interested in hearing those doubts.

My department is Chomskian too. I'm not really satisfied with that line of theories because IMO they've been growing overly complex since Aspects, and they model something different than Language as we speak it. In looking for alternatives, CxG and Cognitive Grammar have jumped to me as models mechanically simple enough to capture such phenomenon. But I hadn't had a chance to read upon it thanks to the my MA shenanigans, up until now.

@emacsomancer Regarding contact and variation there's a ton to study here, in part thanks to suppression of such research by early republican nationalist ideological pressures on academia. In the recent decades tho a lot of effort has been put into it especially by Boğaziçi Uni researchers. But the situation of scholarship under the current regime especially just compromises the quality of any social research, and I'm unsure if I want to spend my energy countering that here.

@cadadr Yeah, it's an unfortunate situation. (I had a Turkish MA student a few years back who described in detail the sort of things that were going on under the Erdogan government.) The current situation in Hungary seems at least as bad.
@cadadr I'm not convinced that CxG offers a useful picture for low-level mechanisms. Does, for instance, something like c-command fall out from CxG?

Chomskian approaches did grow overly complex following Aspects, but that's the point of Minimalism: to try to reduce the mechanisms involved to the smallest set possible.

I generally find 'cognitive' and 'functionalist' approaches fairly dubious.

@emacsomancer My current understanding is limited to a surface level familiarity with various grammatical theories but AFAIU something like c-command wouldn't be relevant in cxg because these models limit themselves to surface level phenomena, tho there's variety, and I might well be wrong.

Minimalism is interesting. Wish I could find resources that explained it independently of G&B, as something in and of itself.

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