I'm redoing my org-mode to PDF setup, and its working great and predictably. I've used the new setup for an assignment which came out well. Now doing the second, I only checked the PDF output twice for a 6/7 page long report.

I'm using Zotero + Org mode, and instead of org-ref, which is huge + depends on helm & hydra which I don't want, I'm writing some org-mode macros that expand to relevant LaTeX.

Gotta write a blog about this sometime soon.

@dekkzz78 ^1^l.

You mean the macros? I meant the macro system of Org, somewhat similar to C preprocessor. E.g. I have one such that {{{autocite2(ref,page)}}} expands to @@latex:\autocite[page]{ref}@@. It has its own face so looks more distinct, and very handy when stuff gets more complex (e.g. it should be possible to define similar macros for different backends so this works with them seamlessly). Hadn't used this feature before and don't see it mentioned a lot.

@dekkzz78 W/ the macros? I think you could have something like

#+macro xxx @@latex:...@@@@html:...@@

which'd do the same thing for multiple backends, or different org files you #+include which define the same macro but for different backends:

#+macro xxx @@html...

#+macro xxx @@latex...

Some sort of polymorphism there.

Macros are generic org mode feature, not directly related to backends (see "(org) Macro Replacement").

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