You're holding your pen(cil) wrong. Try this:

I feel fatigue when writing, especially my index finger, which starts to hurt after a while. I found this from a comment on HN (, and it feels more comfortable. Will try this out from now on.

@cadadr uuh, i don't know... as a writing teacher, i've seen the horrible outputs this position can produce >.<

@cadadr i don't think it's about how you hold the pencil, but about the pressure you apply to it. too much pressure will always be tiring.

@olivia Do you mean that ergonomically (pain, RSI &c) or orthographically (bad writing). If it's the latter, my hand is fairly, let's say, unique already.

I've tried hard to not hold it too stiff for all my life, but it doesn't work for me. I always end up strangling the poor pen and my index finger hurts.

@cadadr i mean mostly aesthetically haha (or in the sense the writing might be incomprehensible). but of course i don't think there's one right way to hold the pencil. what i do tell me students is to try and hold the pencil a bit more loose so not to feel pain afterwards.

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