Is there any way to make Google Maps not translate stuff? I'm fed up with reading stuff in my mother tongue in crappy Google Translate English.

I have my phone in English because I can't stand shitty translations, and Google believes I'm a monolingual speaker of English irregardless of my Google account settings that say I'm not.

And it's funny how they collect so much data about everyone but they are yet to figure out not everyone is monolingual.


It's sad that Android lacks a way of setting locales on a per app basis. I'd love to use Maps in Turkish, along with a few other apps.

Tho with maps when I make my phone's language Turkish, I then have to read everything in cringy Google Maps Turkish which is not an improvement at all.

@cadadr Sometimes you can add /ncr (no country redirect) to Google URLs but I think that is to prevent to redirect to only because you're in Switzerland; not sure how relevant that is for you?

Not really relevant, I'm trying to get the Android app to behave. Some months ago I'd asked this somewhere and the solution was to go to my Google account settings and enter the languages I know, which I did and seemed to help for a while but then it stopped working and back to random stuff nonconsensually machine translated with no apparent way to make it stop.

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