Pull to refresh: a trap which makes you download new stuff when you want to scroll to top.

Floating action button: a trap which targets your flimsy fingers.

No option to disable either: inconsiderate coder, knows nothing of UX.

Total lack of undo and cancel: bad, evil, nasty, incompetent coder.


For pull to refresh, I believe there should be (and generally is) a small "wiggle room" where it doesn't refresh, but I'm not entirely sure if that affects spamming to scroll to the top

FABs can be annoying if they are placed near the edges, which they mostly are, but I'd assume putting them in the center would fix the accidental presses.

And both of them, with all their pros and cons, are standardized, and could be intuitive to new users. And while having options would be great >>>


>>> I wouldn't call the developers inconsiderate for not having them. Most people won't use those options.

But I don't really see any excuse for the lack of undo, cancel, and possibly removal.

@admicos It is the combination with the lack of cancel&undo that's what makes it so bad: before all, I'm sure disabled folks have problems with these.

They are okay-ish if you can cancel or undo reliably.

But, for example, Feeder RSS app has both PtR and FAB, the latter marks every visible article read, and there is no confirmation or undo. When you accidentally refresh, there is no way to cancel. This sort of design is really hostile, and it is really sad when the remedy is so easy.

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