Huh... so did the exam for my MA applications this morning. Leaving the classroom, I asked one of the TAs whether they notified for failures too. Felt like I totally dropped the ball, no way I get an interview...

An hour ago I received an e-mail from the department, inviting me for an interview tomorrow afternoon! There were around 50 candidates in the exam, 15 are selected for the interview tomorrow, and they'll admit 10 of us. I feel I'm going to nail it!


And a few hours ago I did my MA admission interview. Went smoothly, I think I at least convinced the committee that I'm a good candidate, if I did not manage to impress them. Two of them were Italians, they knew I studied Italianistics and they greeted me in Italian. Overall it was a cheerful fifteen minutes, and I still feel cheerful. They'll publish the results in two weeks, and if I managed to get 70+ from ALES, I'm quite positive that I'll make it into the Boğaziçi University! 🎉

So... I was rejected. This means a new direction for my life: I'll be moving to a different city.

I'll try my luck with three more schools. I've sent a few emails to arrange for this, but I'll have to wait next monday b/c it's holidays now. A couple months more will be spent sending and keeping up with applications.

Even tho I failed ultimately, I'm happy that I made it through the preliminaries. I take it as a sign of success, and of the fact that I need to review a bit more.

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