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Mid 20s guy from .

Doing an MA in . Research interests: Sociolinguistics, (socio)phonology/phonetics, usage based linguistics. Also interested in some metascientific topics like and .

I love and enjoy in order to itch my own scratch, particularly in .

This is a general personal account, so it's eveything goes. That may include rants on , and less frequently, on .

"After legal threats from Herbalife, Elsevier journal retracts — and then removes — a paper

Bowing to legal pressure from the supplement maker Herbalife, Elsevier earlier this year retracted — and then removed — a paper which claimed that a young woman in India died of liver failure after using the company’s products. The move has led to more legal threats."


so long as the communication is in public, that person or group is counted as an interlocutor in such a conversation

That suggests some term to describe a discussion which has the appearance of beingclosed and private, but is in fact public or observed.

"Parasocial" is the term used to descrbe the relationship between a public figure, often an entertainer or informer, and their audience. See especially fandoms.

"Paraprivacy" might be the term for a false sense of a close and intimate discussion, though the participants themselves are together on a public stage.

As are we here.

Is there an existing term?

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#paraprivacy #parasocial

No god could've designed as happy an accident as Tom Waits.

serious thoughts about mastodon's "discourse culture", meta 

@pizza people take what they learned about running nazis off this site and then apply it to well-meaning people who use the site differently than they do and it's like

there's a difference between an enemy and someone you don't like

serious thoughts about mastodon's "discourse culture", meta 

clarity and understanding aren't luxuries we should revoke from people because we don't like them or agree with them

mastodon is a community and subtooting is poisoning the well something fucking fierce

because when we play telephone with the facts they get distorted, they get hard to follow, it's hard to try and look back and actually understand what was going on

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serious thoughts about mastodon's "discourse culture", meta 

one last thing before I log off for a bit to breathe

people don't lose the right to common courtesy just because you don't like them
block evasion is still shitty as hell no matter what the context, end of story
threatening people is not ok, end of story

what you do isn't suddenly justifiable because someone is "the enemy" or "the other" it isn't, it really really isn't, that's an incredibly dangerous way of thinking

stay in your lane

This is the last one, I promise. Was just casually going through my ~/Pictures/reddit

Sandberg's position boils down to this: "if you're gonna get a fox to guard your henhouse, we should be that fox."

Image: Phil Catterall (modified)



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A monopolist's first preference is not to be regulated.

A monopolist's second preference is to be regulated in a way that only it can comply with - and that none of its competitors can comply with.

Oh, hai, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg!

"I think [the insurrection was] largely organized on platforms that don’t have our abilities to stop hate, and don’t have our standards, and don’t have our transparency."


I don't think people realize why its important to remove white supremacists from your board/forum/web community.

- They are extremely motivated.
- They have a tradition of recruiting via meme(in the classic sense).
- They have centuries of effective propaganda.
- They will take over. Slowly at first then suddenly.
- They will always create more moderation work for you. They will never stop pushing.

Every society struggles with this. And it's not some conspiracy.

People constantly ask why I refuse to use Signal.

I have been meaning to do a detailed write-up for this, however in researching for it I discovered this post which covers several of my biggest issues well.

uspol, cults 

seeing a lot of takes starting to make the rounds Elsewhere that seem to point to there suddenly being a lot of armchair experts about cults and cult deprogramming and maybe think twice before you think you have a great and simple working solution to share if you haven't actually done significant work disassembling cults and rehabilitating the victims thereof, hm?

fucking with people's heads to try and get them unfucked can be just as dangerous as what fucked them up in the first place.

if it was easy, cults would not be dangerous.

uspol, cults 

@djsundog as a person who's been into cults for decades, I think the saying "nobody joins a cult" is the most helpful thing I've ever heard. People don't go in thinking it's a cult. It's so much more complex.

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