Here is the problem with :

The lang is nice, the ecosystem great, but there is this weird dogmatism which really puts me off. The same snobness as : "we know everything and thou mayest not know thy use cases better than us!"

Flake8 is a great tool, but I don't want to have to fix every little thing as I'm dealing with a new idea. And now it blocks my full testing because I'm not using some args of some functions yet, & can't get :noqa working.

idea: it is really good when your default rule prints a nice help message and does nothing else. Pretty much all my makefiles are this way: the default rule is "help", e.g.

This way, if you or someone else can easily learn what important rules are there, and if they mistakenly run make with no specific rule, nothing unexpected happens.

Is there a way to unchain PDFs from the fucking hell that is .edu? I got a mock account just for the downloads, but I can only barely resist deleting that. Such an abomination of a website / service.

We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users.

What are you reading these days #20: is a discussion-oriented online community. See it for yourself if you’re in search for an alternative/companion to Reddit, HN, etc. Contact me for an invite.

This is a couple days in advance this time round because I'll be busy on Friday.

Just pushed a commit that implements templating in Scissors!

This was one of the last couple design decisions I had to make. The rest is just deciding about Blogs, and doing the chores.

I make extensive use of Gitlab issues and milestones for this, so you can watch the progress from there if you're interested.

And a few hours ago I did my MA admission interview. Went smoothly, I think I at least convinced the committee that I'm a good candidate, if I did not manage to impress them. Two of them were Italians, they knew I studied Italianistics and they greeted me in Italian. Overall it was a cheerful fifteen minutes, and I still feel cheerful. They'll publish the results in two weeks, and if I managed to get 70+ from ALES, I'm quite positive that I'll make it into the Boğaziçi University! 🎉

Back to and my old X setup...

Looks like I won't be able to make it on a proper desktop environment. Luckily my custom setup has settled and won't consume my time.

In other news scraping MATE and Xfce4 took multiple steps on Debian. This is sth I hate: apt's install and (auto)remove are not symmetrical, and I hate it. With , I'd just switch to a previous gneration and voilà, everything clean and working.

Huh... so did the exam for my MA applications this morning. Leaving the classroom, I asked one of the TAs whether they notified for failures too. Felt like I totally dropped the ball, no way I get an interview...

An hour ago I received an e-mail from the department, inviting me for an interview tomorrow afternoon! There were around 50 candidates in the exam, 15 are selected for the interview tomorrow, and they'll admit 10 of us. I feel I'm going to nail it!

I applied the following userstyle to, looks nicer IMHO:

body {
width: 80%;
margin: auto;
.comment-text {
font-family: Serif;

So, I end up on XFCE4 on Debian Testing again. It's just the most complete, configurable, and standards-abiding DE out there.

Bluebird theme for controls and Blackbird for the window decorations. Standard Xubuntu stuff there.

What are you reading these days #19 is on:

We're sharing and discussing what we've been reading as of late. I have some invites for whomever interested!

BTW News is a great blog/newsletter, I really suggest you follow them. Besides her blog, it is also posted to the Emacs Tangents mailing list. It is really low volume (actually it only has Emacs News most of the time).

Wow, my dotfiles/emacs.d repo is the first link in Sacha Chua's Emacs News! Apparently I'm a celebrity now 😂 😎 🍾 🎉

every avid #emacs user probably knows this already, but i just learned the "planet emacsen" blog aggregator has moved to

is way better than ! Half the price, better looking, faster both in the browsera and on Android, looks better, and offline was available free. Switched in an instant, will probably keep it from now on.

I was briefly interested in putting and on my Raspberry Pi. But they are not packaged for Debian, and their installation processes are a mess. Won't bother.

@dankwraith i have a crappy pet theory that a significant part of the web 2.0 boom was startups profiting off open source work once certain keystone projects reached maturity

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