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ALES: an exam by turkish govt I have to take to prove that, as a BA in italian literature, I indeed went to high school. As if that was not obvious given I graduated from an undergrad programme and am applying for master's... and now I have to prepare for this as if I was not aready busy preparing for the master's itself.

One of the many ways this country eats up my time as if it was fucking snacks...

The #vim vs #emacs flame war is getting out of hands.

Just visit

[ Someone must have spent a fortune on that domain :) ]

My dog sleeps effortlessly and constantly, and I couldn't be prouder or more jealous. is making our humanity's knowledge available to everyone.

LeechBlock day one: it worked! I've completed this day w/o spending an obscene amount of time on my usual time sinks. But it's only a single day. Let me see how helpful it will be after a week.

Just started using LeechBlock on Firefox to deal with procrastination. Settings attached. Basically, I allow myself an hour of browsing the listed websites between 8pm-midnight, Sun-Fri, except checking notifications from these websites. The other screenshot is what you see when a URL is blocked.

PSA: If you're on, there's currently a thread where folks are sharing their mastodon IDs:

Do not use Syncthing:

Syncthing is critical software that is produced sloppily, and can cause data loss when totally unnecessary and preventable. Avoid using it for valuable data.

Android toolchain is a disgrace to the human society.

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