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re: follow requests 

Follow requests are most welcome, but I wish to maintain a healthy and safe network, so I'll accept reqs if
* you've a bio that introduces you & some public toots, at least partly in a language I can read;
* you don't support discriminatory, hateful, or violent ideals/organisations;
* you've a positive vibe.
I tend not to follow back immediately, as I want to keep my home feed low traffic. Interactions welcome nevertheless, please don't feel like I'm being dismissive.


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'90s kid from Turkey.

Within linguistics I mainly ❤️ sociolinguistics, phonology, & usage based grammars. I'm also interested in (teaching) computing in social sciences and fully open research & science.

Been fiddling with computers since I was 10. I mostly hack Elisp, Perl, Python, R and shell, but ❤️ learning about all langs. I'm also interested in declarative reproducible systems, like Guix and Nix.

Follows welcome but please read my profile first.

Can you inform me a bit about moving accounts?

Do followers move automatically? I think followees will inevitably receive follow notifications / reqs, but followers won't have to do anything, right?

And, can you somehow transfer over blocklists and/or toots? Via import/export maybe?

USA snark 

I'm doing a lit review and every paper notes which countries their research was done in. Except USA.


the gist is that the two major type checkers for Python behave in significantly different ways, enough to support the case that Python currently has two different type systemts.

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LibreOffice is a worldwide project, with hundreds of people across the globe contributing to development, design, documentation, marketing and more. Join us! And read about how Gökçe Kuler got involved with the dev community:

IDK how to be positive about this anymore.

Both of the statements are defences of wrongdoing, no apology, no fucks given.

IMHO it's safe now to say that FSF is RMS' little toy house and it's a lost cause, and we're in urgent need of a replacement, or better, some replacements.

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"RMS addresses the free software community"

> It was right for me to talk about the injustice to Minsky, but it was tone-deaf that I didn't acknowledge as context the injustice that Epstein did to women or the pain that caused.

"Statement of FSF board on election of [RMS]"

> The FSF board will continue to pursue additional ideas and actions designed to improve transparency and accountability.

Looks like neither the board nor RMS resigns.

National Rail have turned their web site grey to honour a dead royal racist. If you have @better installed, you see it in colour.


Because they’re including the code using Google Tag Manager and we block that tracker.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #a11y

Want to know if your tracker blocker is working?

Go to

If it’s in colour, you’re blocking Google.

If it’s in black and white, you’re being tracked by Google.

PS. It’s in colour with @better ;) (


Web Hosts - Recommendations? 

I've used Weebly to host my sites but would like to move away from big entities.

Are there any web building tools you trust or recommend?


> The Government of Nepal now demands that each climber deposit $4,000, which is refundable only if the climber brings down at least 17.6 pounds of trash on his or her way off the mountain.

> But even that may not stem the garbage tide, given that a “guided climb” up and down Everest can cost as much as $100,000. A $4,000 garbage tax may feel like "tip money."

Like, why not just grab some random language and use it?

I'm implementing subscripting manually now. And zero-padding numbers manually.

This is the worst thing in my life that's actually too useful to dump...

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shittin' on HN 

HN is like a public toilet: full of perfect squares, the dayjob of most is to be trodden under shitty boots. Then there are those with huge dirty mouths that are always gaping open. There are bright lights but they give light from the least helpful angles. There are a couple faucets that help you get clean amongst all the filth. It's overall a terrible place but when you need it you need it, there's nothing else like it.

And if you try to be nice to people in there, it's weird...

"What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god"

So 2021 webdesign is all about
- HUUUUGE fonts
- the same cookie joke everywhere
- annoying mouse cursor hijacking
- scroll hijacking, again
- text moving around while you scroll
I feel like all the webagencies have those now.

My dotfiles no longer depend on systemd. Had a few user units but got rid of them.

It's nice to have a daemon manager for these programs but systemd is not portable and I couldn't figure out how to do logs. It also is not good at absorbing necessary env vars, so I have to chase individual variables and import them.

Now these all are started with xinitrc indirectly, in a perfect environment. And logs go where I ask them to, namely ~/log/. So much nicer...

Today in our lab meeting we reviewed this terrific #article on #writing. Like the author, I grew up in #science with Bem's advice on writing. In hindsight, some of his advice is shocking.

#openscience #publishing #paper #reproducibility #clarity

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