XPath is a mess. xmllint messes up encoding, xml_grep does not accept the same language, xpath doesn't accept anything, everything is a bit different, and I'm fed up, not trying anything else.

Running a headless browser and using document.querySelectorAll is way easier than curl|ing a web page into some selector tool.

html-xml-utils seem to lack a tool that can extract data from the attributes of an element.

Why can't tools just fit to one another...

For those who haven't heard of en_DK before, it's the "European English" (for want of a better description) locale.

It uses Commonwealth English (en_GB) for strings and ISO-14651-1 for collates.
Dates are in YYYY-MM-DD, time is in 24h HH:MM format, Monday is the first day of the week, comma is the decimal separator, currency is euro and standard paper size is A4.

You can have Linux systems without GNU software but the default modus operandi of all of the more popular distros & of the most of the rest is GNU/Linux.

Stop shitting on these folks that have done and still do a ton of work for us for free, and give them the recognition they merit.

People get freaky when their tweet or silly gif is used w/o attribution. No surprise people who create stuff this big and give it away freely are angry when they are not recognised.

RMS might be an excessive or even repulsive type, that shouldn't detract from the value of GNU's contribution, both legal and technical.

It's not only GCC or coreutils. Gnome and GTK+ are GNU projects. Check gnu.org/manual/blurbs.html

Even this very platform, i.e. the fediverse was spearheaded by them en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedivers

Just read a sad thread satirising how GNU folks ask people call distros that ship with GNU stuff by default GNU/Linux & not just Linux.

You can't do much with a kernel alone. In theory you can but in practice you wouldn't. The GNU folk has done massive work that has enabled and still enables a FOSS desktop/server/&c experience. We all use their work, but poke fun at them when they ask for much deserved recognition.

OK. Some people keep rating the app one star because I don't block an instance.

Unfortunately, their lack of comprehension concerning the Fediverse (manipulated by some propaganda) make they think that the app is not safe to use.

You have every tools with the app to avoid interacting with people you don't want to see.

This means I have already returned 2/3 of the loan to the govt, yet I have to pay back the whole thing plus 1/8 of it in interest.

Moreover, the entire total amount I received in monthly installments over 4 yrs is slightly below €3000 & is less than what a PhD student makes in a month in Switzerland. Which in turn is almost equal to the annual minimum wage in Turkey after taxes.

Fucking justice ain't it... Thanks dear govt!

The ÖTV was a tax introduced after 1999 earthquake and was supposed to be taken from luxury products to help with the relief efforts. 20 yrs after today it still exists and is taken from luxury items like soda, lemonade, alcoholic drinks, smartphones, electronic communications, etc...

It is impossible to retrospectively calculate how much of it I paid, but it is safe to assume at least 1/3 of my loan was spent to pay it. A conservative estimate...

The few toots that I just boosted are wonderful (thanks @erkin I found them from your feed).

I have loan to pay to the state. I'm indebted significantly more than I received, thanks to the govt' interest rate, & the fact that I paid back a significant portion of the money via taxes is totally disregarded.

1/3 of it paid my KDV (=VAT) & commute.There is also ÖTV (special consumption tax) which range from multiples of base price (alcohol, gas, cars) to some %, & is taken from almost everything.

@laser @courtney I saw this argument and told my doctor partner that she should stop trying to cure her patients’ illnesses because it was unfair to anyone who’d died of a disease.

@stunt_bird @laser Personally I'm against anyone younger than me ever possibly being allowed to live in a better world than the one I grew up with. It's illegal.

A video clip from the Orient Express, the train line that goes from Istanbul to Kars at the eastern border of Turkey. IDK the exact place the video is taken at, but I believe it is much father East from Ankara.

As I look at the map I notice a sad thing: the line extends into Armenia, but you couldn't make the trip b/c the borders are closed...


If your design system does not have accessibility and inclusion at its core, start over.

Just purchased Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Sounds like a very interesting book, let's see!

A crystalline hand within my silent lions.
The laughing murder of her laughing universe.
Humble earth of the corrupted monster.
The unspeakable thistle of the valiant heart.
My stony bullet beneath her vast light.
The sandy lion of a fallen, smooth place.
The secret flies of their burning raven.
A peaceful terrace of her beautiful angels.
The fallen knowledge of my fiery ship.
The magical handmaid within the porcelain horse.
Countless deformed priests of her glass blood.

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