I wish the billions (trillions?) that were being spent on self driving cars was being spent on public transit.

Derya Akkaynak, "an oceangoing engineer", has created an algorithm that removes water from underwater images. Resulting images look exactly like how they'd look if the objects were to be brought to land and photographed there.


Pull to refresh: a trap which makes you download new stuff when you want to scroll to top.

Floating action button: a trap which targets your flimsy fingers.

No option to disable either: inconsiderate coder, knows nothing of UX.

Total lack of undo and cancel: bad, evil, nasty, incompetent coder.

Fuck me they hold a LibreOffice event at my uni last week and I only learn about it today from a toot someone I follow happened to boost. Really sad I missed it.

LibreOffice is getting some great new features thanks to Google Summer of Code students. Here's Muhammet Kara explaining more at a recent event in Ankara, Turkey: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

I wouldn’t call any of my friends stupid multiple times a day for mistakes they’ve made years in the past but man am I good at saying it to myself all day for the past 20 years

> The faces in New York remind me of people who played a game and lost.

Murray Kempton

Packing, the worst thing that necessarily precedes, concludes, and follows travel...

Looking back at the month and a few days I spent in Ankara, my new home city, sitting here in my old room here in Istanbul where I spent 24 years of my life without any major interruptions, I feel weird how swiftly it all happened and how quickly I got used to Ankara and to living on my own.

I expected difficulty adapting, and homesickness, but no, none of that.

I wish there was a "follow this post" option. If someone posts something you are curious about the answers on, you could get notifications for it. In leiu of that maybe a "save this post" feature that would let you go back and check it manually without having to search for it again.

It's been a month and three days.

Ankara is cozy and beautiful so far.

academia.edu is the epitome of nasty.

If it werent for the occasional PDF that isn't available anywhere else, I'd immediately delete my account there and have my browser redirect it to...

IDK, literally anything is better.

It feels neglected and wants to leave.

I didn't intend to hurt your feelings, #Java...


Once again I'm trying my luck with . This time I'm making use of Activities, having a separate activity for my research & study. I still don't get how differen't they'll be from workspaces in practice, but I'll see...

This was from the third page of the following: Graziano, Anthony M., and Michael M. Raulin. Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry. 8th ed., Pearson, 2012.

> Instead of the
probability of getting help increasing when the number
of witnesses to the event increases, it decreases, and
it decreases dramatically. They explained this finding
with a concept called diffusion of responsibility. If you
are the only one who can help, you are likely to feel a
responsibility to help. If there are several other people
available to help, you might reason that someone else
will help. unfortunately, everyone is thinking the same
way, and so no one helps.

‘When two elephants jostle, what is hurt is the grass.’

From Understanding Morphology, Haspelmath. Seems to be a Swahili proverb.

1: Make everything undoable, and for actions that are inevitably not undoable ask for confirmation with the default option cancelling the action.

This is especially important in mobile where accidental taps are frequent. But so many apps don't have undo at all, let alone having it in all the places it is necessary.

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