So, there's a fork of , and all it does is rename it to Glimpse b/c the name could be offensive.

They've 21 patrons on patreon that pledge them $111 monthly to do that...

The BEST CS 101 course out there: Ben Eater's "Building an 8-bit breadboard computer!" playlist. I learned so much from this playlist: how *actually* a computer works, what stuff like machine code and microcode *actually* are, what the processor *actually* does. So many abstract concepts I kinda had memorised became actual knowledge with this one.

Can't suggest it enough! Should be part of every CS programme.

What is it that supposedly makes or # more useful for large teams?

16th biennial of Istanbul is on!

The theme is "7th continent", the one in the middle of the Pacific, made up of lumps of non-biodegradable refuse.

Asciinema is torture, why do you do that to your users?

Look at this one below, it *overflows* my screen...

"An English tradition holds that a single magpie be greeted with a salutation in order to ward off the bad luck it may bring. A greeting might take the form of saying the words ‘Good morning, Mr Magpie, how are Mrs Magpie and all the other little magpies?’"

Added that to the list of things that are not surprising when you think the second time 😆

I met what I believe to be magpies in Ankara.

I might've seen them in Yildiz Parki in Istanbul, but I can't be sure.

But they're really numerous in Ankara.

Beautiful animals. Sadly their reputation is not all that positive...

@cadadr If you like reader mode, you might like my RSVP browser extension too:

I use the mozilla readability library internally for processing, so your content is simplified in the same way. It also works in Chrome and on Firefox for Android.

"Minimum wage machine" produces one penny every 4.97 seconds when the handle is turned, the same rate of earning as the current federal minimum wage in the U.S. (\$7.25)

TIL: in Firefox Ctrl+Alt+R toggles Reader mode.

Could've saved so many seconds with this...

Public Library Receipt Shows How Much Money You’ve Saved by Borrowing Books, Instead of Buying Them

A few weeks ago, Fabrice Bellard released a Javascript engine that's a "[f]ast interpreter with very low startup time", includes a bytecode compiler and can create executables.

Why wasn't this international news?

After weeks of research and days of running around ankara with estate agents, I finally found a mousehole to dwell in: a 50m2 single room flat, cheap enough that I'll probably be able to travel a bit during my master's.

If I get lucky, maybe I move next year to a studio in the city centre. IDK, is it better to stay somewhere more residential but still close to the centre, or just live in the centre if you can afford it?

Worst phrase of three words long that exists on the face of the earth: "translated by ".

Like, I'd rather have the incomprehensible text than the gibberish logorrhoea GTranslate produces.

I can read quite a few languages, and it is reliable with none of them. Obviously the smart thing is to force-feed it to users then.

I also have one for uni in my archive, tho it uses the dated PhantomJS. It worked reliably for more than two years tho.

For Hacettepe, thankfully all I needed was in the HTML of the page, so simple Ruby scripts with Nokogiri that download the pages and find stuff via DOM, and combine stuff into RSS 2.0 feeds.

I have two scrapers done, three more to go. Hope they won't go full-JS like IU did a few years ago, requiring me to rewrite using a headless browser.

Why university websites never include RSS feeds? IDK if this is sth. particular to Turkey, but unis seem to contract the worst of devs out there who deliver absolutely crap CMS and portals.

This is the second time I have to write scrapers to be able to humanely follow news from my uni. The only other option is to visit the pages manually.

In case anybody from uni encounters this, I can send you the code so that you can adapt it.

@cadadr #Magit gives you 3 options to store your gitignore rules when you hit "i" in the Magit status (in the global .gitignore, in the public .gitignore that you commit with the repo, and in that private .gitignore).

A little thing I just discovered in gitignore(5): you can use ".git/info/exclude" as a private .gitignore file.

If there are ignore rules specific to your checkout you want to keep private or just don't share with upstream, you can put it in this file.

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