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Mid 20s guy from .

Doing an MA in . Research interests: Sociolinguistics, (socio)phonology/phonetics, usage based linguistics. Also interested in some metascientific topics like and .

I love and enjoy in order to itch my own scratch, particularly in .

This is a general personal account, so it's eveything goes. That may include rants on , and less frequently, on .

If the EFF says "...reject FLoC and other misguided attempts to reinvent behavioral targeting. We implore Google to abandon FLoC..." that's good enough for me.

work -, I guess 

"You're a producer, not an overworked and overpaid quasi robotic wage slave playing your stupid little role in realising oppressive, exploitative, and totally useless power structures whose only utility to the humanity is through sheer accident and whose only real goal is to reverse Robin Hood all the wealth there is to the Shareholders."

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work -, I guess 

"Hello lazy ass white collar wage slaves, what about read my blog to learn how to better help your corporate overlords get richer via depriving yourself from so much joy and fun you will do anything to not feel like an empty vessel in interstellar medium! What about earning me ad money and buying my bullshit courses in the meantime, so that I don't have to dog food my bullshit advice?"

Youtube in 2009: TV but better, no ads!

Youtube in 2021: 10 ads in 20 min video, plus auto advance even outside playlists, literally can't look away from the screen.

Please help by signing this petition against planned shooting ranges next to Samye Ling #Buddhist Centre.

About 7 months after the purchase, I discover the brightness controls on my monitor.

Turns out I had it on 17%, and it can go wayyy too bright. At ~50% it defeats the morning glare, good enough that I can use dark themes.

watch(1) can detect changes to output.

Used this cmd line to get notified when DNS were propagated for my domain today:

watch -g -n 30 dig AAAA +short ; notify-send -u critical "ipv6 changed!"


TIFO Dev-C++ is still developed and it's free software:

No, I'm not crying.

"these models are vulnerable to a kind of “typographic attack” where adding adversarial text to images can cause them to be systematically misclassified."

Mailing lists just got RSS support: #hyperkitty, the modern GNU #mailman successor, just merged #RSS feeds for every list. Monitoring news just got a lot easier, inboxes will get smaller, and a 5 year wish has been fulfilled

gemini:// is live! I just see that DNS is propagated.

I wrote an introductory gemlog post gemini:// CW: heavy 2000s nerd nostalgia.

For now the setup is: vger server through inetd and relayd on on Vultr. I think I'll keeps the OpenBSD, but IDK about Vultr.

Hello everyone, my name is Tamara (she/her), I am a PhD student in cultural anthropology and my research focusses on the development of artificial intelligence in the context of humanoid robotics. To really get a grasp of what is going on, I also study computer science and program parts of the robots’ software myself.

I am new here and would love to connect with people working on similar or related topics!


I'm getting my feet wet with cloud VMs through an OpenBSD vm on Vultr (they've a free trial which I'm using to see if this is something I can pull off).

Now, one question. Do you think is a good fool-proof solution for someone new to maintaining publicly accessible servers, esp. security-wise?

elon musk is the modern day thomas edison in that he is not only known today as an inventor, he will be remembered in the future as an inventor, despite not actually being an inventor

Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

@ajroach42 a depressingly large number of people think that computers (mobile devices included) "wear out" with age and use due to this phenomenon. The fact is that in the past 20 years or so that the reason the same computer is slower at doing the same tasks now compared to then is almost entirely due to surveillance and targeted marketing practices.

Even if you're not mining bitcoin literally most of the energy expended by most computers is driven by this BS.

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