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I understand working in an Amazon warehouse if you can't get any other kind of work and you're desperate. But why do people work at their offices? You're doing the job of two people, but they aren't paying you twice as much. Can these people not work anywhere else? Or do they just want "Amazon" on their resume that badly?

Sometimes life is all like "Guess what? Wasps are going to sting the shit out of you every time you try to enter or exit your apartment."

There should be a word for that malaise you get from staying home all day and playing video games

I feel like we need to take a day off to teach everybody what the word "satire" means

"Oh, they decided not to hire me, so they must've had a better, more-qualified candidate."

*company relists job*


Could not find 'bundler' (>= 0)

Which is also the face I am making right now.

Last year's fad: fidget spinners
This year's: things built to last
(pass it on, maybe we can trick them)

News NOT from The Onion:

Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, British Veterinary Association warns after ‘anti-vaxx’ movement spread to pets

I'm watching Thundercats. and I'm reminded how much this show might as well hae been a D&D campaign.

And also, how well Third Earth would work as a setting for a campaign.

I'm planning a campaign for my friends soon, and I'm very tempted to just sneak in a bunch of thundercats mythology and see who notices.

Trying to remember a paper on language I read - within the last year, I think - that involved intensifying reduplication, where you repeat the name of something to indicate that you mean the standard type of that something. Like:

"Do you want natural peanut butter?"
"No, I want /peanut butter/ peanut butter."

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