@kepstin I like Firefox. I just wish it wasn't such a memory hog. I had to quit using it because it was making my computer too slow.

@Imani I finally got around to watching Avatar and Legend of Korra! So awesome my face melted.

Also, Uncle Iroh is my spirit animal

Quick chat with my daughter this morning over breakfast. Recommended she think of what this NES game would look like and start designing how it might work. She wants to do something vaguely like Overcooked, except working in a magic shop making potions.

That’s definitely something we can work with! During my commute, the gears were turning on how to translate that to a NES game. I’m sure hers are, too!


The shocking revelations about Trump's taxes.

It not fake news, just old news (as old as the glaciers).

For example, Larry Ellison's 'salary' last year was $1 (one dollar). Guess what - his disposable income was slightly higher.

CEO's of successful companies minimise their tax liability.

I was an IT contractor. My salary was low, my dividends were high.

Who feckin' knew ?!?!?

@imani Not a big fan of flavored teas. I make an exception for Earl Grey and a couple of others, but generally.... Keep fruit out of my tea

@imani This is the first I've heard of this, and I refuse to believe it's a thing

Nightmare, ticks, gross 

@imani Ticks freaked me out a lot when I was a kid. When I finally got bit by one, it was no big deal. Now that I know about the diseases they carry, they freak me out again

@imani If I vote NIMBY, my rent goes up. If I vote YIMBY, my favorite shops get torn down

@imani I don't like that method of learning. I prefer to learn grammar rules *first*, and then vocabulary, but most language-learning services don't teach that way


@imani You can also make tortilla soup. That stuff is delicious


@imani If worse comes to worst, I just tear them up and eat them with soup, etc. Like bread. Because they are bread


@imani I've never heard of yellow tea! Is it good?

I'm looking for a company that sells made-in-USA / union-made T-shirts with cool designs or art on them.

Any suggestions?

@imani I'd love to work at Tableau, but I'm not qualified for this one =\

@imani Since it's March... How about a goal to do more walking?

(My goal is to think up more lame puns)

@imani It was a really corny game show on PBS. I loved watching it for their a capella band, Rockapella

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