being a mighty hunter before the lord: aww yea

3000 years later my name becomes an insult because a rabbit said it sarcastically once: what the shit

@fribbledom And here you can download #VSCodium, the free product not calling home. At least they promise. I also love the fact that it's portable, in the sense that you can have your copy of it with config data on a stick, and, that I can use it on Linux as well.

Side effects of the Moderna vaccine include: a sore arm, feelings of contentment and optimism

“…more than 96% of protests in May and June last year over Floyd’s killing involved no property damage or police injuries”

Arch Linux's package manager is called pacman. This has been a source of some amusement in the Arch community (e.g. the icon for Octopi, one of the GUIs for pacman).

Anyway, I just installed Garuda, and the progress bar for updates in the terminal is a letter C chomping dots. I love this new distro.

Gentoo has beaten me. I couldn't get grub to find my kernel. This is a project for a spare box that isn't going to be used for anything else

Up today trying to install Gentoo onto my new laptop

PSA: Strip the utm tracking stuff off your links before sharing them!

they pick a gender _and_ a name for you before you're even born, how is that even supposed to work. it's like you were forced to use those random default creatures from gravatar as your permanent avatar.

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The hollies have caffeine and theobromine, which is more invigorating than tea or coffee, but it also makes it harder for me to focus.

Certainly, the amount that tell you to brew (2 *tablespoons* per serving!) is wwwwwaaaayyyy too much

@Imani I finally got around to watching Avatar and Legend of Korra! So awesome my face melted.

Also, Uncle Iroh is my spirit animal

The shocking revelations about Trump's taxes.

It not fake news, just old news (as old as the glaciers).

For example, Larry Ellison's 'salary' last year was $1 (one dollar). Guess what - his disposable income was slightly higher.

CEO's of successful companies minimise their tax liability.

I was an IT contractor. My salary was low, my dividends were high.

Who feckin' knew ?!?!?

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