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This is a good one!


6 Changes for D&D 6th Edition!

In episode #114, Professor Dungeonmaster suggests 6th changes for the new D&D 6th Edition.

I just renewed my domain name. My blog has 15 centimetres of dust on it. I haven't had a good blog writing idea in months. 😞

My Take on D&D Editions BX-5E (Ep. 113)

Professor Dungeonmaster reflects on every edition he has played, from the Moldvay Basic Set to the current 5th Edition.

Another good one from the Professor...

Pacing Your D&D & Pathfinder Games (#112)

Are your D&D sessions too slow? Do your players lose interest? Check their cellphones? How do you keep a D&D session moving without rushing it? Professor Dun...

My creativity is pinned under a two tonne boulder of exhaustion.

How to Build the Ultimate Boss for D&D & Pathfinder (#111)

How to create memorable villains in your D&D,

Hmmm, 2020 resolutions? Get more sleep and start some of my hobbies back up, like blogging. Are those mutually incompatible resolutions?

How to stop Android from tracking location | Why privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide

On this day, January 1st 1804, HaΓ―tians led by Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared the independence and the sovereignty of HaΓ―ti from France.

Nan jou sa a, 1ye janvye 1804, Ayisyen ki te dirije pa Jean-Jacques Dessalines te deklare endepandans la ak souvrènte Ayiti soti nan Lafrans.

They fought for their freedom and for the end of slavery. They won, against overwhelming odds.

This was a really great short film. 10 minutes long. It's from 2013 but it came up on my automatic playlist. [Youtube Link]

year editor
For 2020 I'm going to do my best to use as my editor and will do my best to leave as much as I can of the Apple.Amazon.Facebook.Google. clubs behind

Watching a tutorial from a fantasy map cartographer I follow on YouTube. Very relaxing...


Turn your mini pile of shame into easy-to make corpse markers! Fun for the entire family!

This is a friendly reminder that when two people on the fediverse have a disagreement, you don't *have* to express your opinion about it in their mentions, use the opportunity to make a loosely-related political point, or join a spiralling public drama about it.

It can be hard to break the habits we formed on platforms where techbros have monetised our negative emotions, divisions, and innate desire to belong. But your activist energy can be better directed, and your mental health will benefit.

Hey everyone! Now that we're two decades past it, let's have a heart to heart chat about the Y2K bug.

Some of you might not be old enough to remember the panic articles and news stories surrounding this, and some of us were old enough that we've forgotten the details, but the gist was this: many commercial computer applications, such as bank and medical record software, used to be written to store dates with a 2-digit year, and assumed that everything took place between 1900 and 1999.

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