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It's awful. I'm grumpy and I have no patience for my kids (who are just being kids).

The weather today has been grey and rainy for the entire day. It's taking all my effort to get anything done this evening.

Good morning Fediverse.

My name is Daniel. I am your friend.

Please remember that is your

Tune in now --

Tune in to froggyMe's Fantastic Fantasy livestreaming now in

Β«To be clear, we can and should be spending our dollars at independent businesses as much as possible, both to support our local communities and to avoid contributing to the massive wealth and terrible labor practices of retail megaliths. But buying a couple of extra items from the bookstore around the corner likely won’t save it β€” even if everyone in town does the same.Β»

@snowdusk_ @anondjdan @skynebula eh, just end your show with a Sarah McLauchlan track tonight and make everyone cry

CDC in the US just said to throw out your romaine. It's unsafe in any form here, from all sources.

Please boost

I was watching YouTube and saw these two videos:

Speed Up Combat:


No More Initiative!:

Since I GM for a group of eight players I was thinking of trying out a couple of these ideas. What does everyone here think?

Hey kids! I decided to upgrade to Mojave a couple days ago.

The process erased the second internal drive where I archive all of my files.

I have a backup.

If you don’t have backups, GET BACKUPS.

i've never told anyone but
i plan on changing my last name to tessier-ashpool

i'm not sure anyone would get the reference though
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