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uspol, trickle-down economics 

Doing on-call support tickets and listening to "Beacon", an album by Tess Roby. I haven't heard a song yet that I don't like.

Welcome to v2.7.1 hosting 2,881 good people who have authored 162,753 - we're a tiny in the and to for

SDF 32! SDF 32! What shall we do for SDF 32?! SDF can do anything. Help us decide what cool stuff we should do to celebrate 32 years of SDF this year 1987-2019

Hey command line peeps, what are your top 20 commands of note?

history | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -bnr | head -n 20

finger made my top 10!

Not sure how to boost this more. But let's get this inf ront of the faces of those 922 patrons, whom are paying for supporting and running Mastodon (which should include the moderation team right?)

"Reimbursement for the mod team"

It is time to get the main (and Only truth be told) moderator of a living wage. please.


โ€œDemanding privacy from surveillance capitalists,โ€ says Zuboff, โ€œor lobbying for an end to commercial surveillance on the internet is like asking old Henry Ford to make each Model T by hand. Itโ€™s like asking a giraffe to shorten its neck, or a cow to give up chewing. These demands are existential threats that violate the basic mechanisms of the entityโ€™s survival.โ€

Incidentally, I also ran 6.57 km in 46 minutes on the treadmill this morning.

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